It’s Thanksgiving: What I am Thankful for. What are you thankful for?

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It’s Thanksgiving: What I am Thankful for. What are you thankful for?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day here in America and I certainly have a lot to be thankful for; if we open our eyes; we’ll see that we all do. The Pastor said in Church on Sunday; that in a Christian’s life, everyday is Thanksgiving and that is true but I haven’t been myself lately. Lately I have been in a dimly lit place; it’s not completely dark; but I do feel my joy fading. At this time of thanksgiving; I am somewhat in this sort of selfish place; where all I can think about is who I should be; what I should be doing ; what I wish I had; why things aren’t the way I want them to be and on and on and on. That is not something I am proud of and that is not who I want to be. My brain feels so clogged up with gunk; I need to get in there and delete unused; unwanted and unnecessary files before its too late. Nevertheless; I am going to do some writing-therapy and write about all the things I am grateful for and maybe get in tune with what’s real and let go of what’s damaging me.



1.)    Gods Blessings:



2.)    Life

3.)    My husband

4.)    My daughter

5.)    My family

6.)    Our own apartment

7.)    My talents

8.)    My beauty

9.)    My heart

10.)                        My personality

11.)                        My pen pals

12.)                        Postcrossing

13.)                        My First Self-Published poetry anthology “Words of a Poetriot”

14.)                        My Church

15.)                        Possibilities

16.)                        The Arts-Dance, Music, Drama, Art

17.)                        Literature- Poetry, Books, Magazines

18.)                        The Visual- Photography, Art, Craft

19.)                        Creativity

20.)                        Movies, T.V

21.)                        Nature

22.)                        Health

23.)                        Ideas

24.)                        Thoughts

25.)                        Food

26.)                        Water

27.)                        Christmas

28.)                        New Years

29.)                        Second Chances

30.)                        Education

31.)                        Leaders

32.)                        People

33.)                        Money

34.)                        Transportation

35.)                        Travel

36.)                        The big world

37.)                        World Exploration

38.)                        Dreams

39.)                        Friendships

40.)                        Great Conversations

41.)                        Kindness

42.)                        Happiness

43.)                        Smiles

44.)                        My body

45.)                        Growing

46.)                        Learning from mistakes

47.)                        Improving

48.)                        Restoration

49.)                        Fun

50.)                        Sex

51.)                        And everything else; the things I see and the things I don’t


Happy Thanksgiving, my friends


Everyday should be a day of thanks giving.


Dear Lord thank you for all the ways you bless and enrich my life. Please forgive me of all my sins. Bless and protect my family and friends. In Jesus Name: Amen.


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