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I’ve Rediscovered Music

I love music. I love all kinds of music; Hip-Hop, R & B; Alternative; Soft Rock; Latin, etc.  I am not really a fan of much of today’s music; most artist produce very catchy and addicting lyrical nonsense; which in my opinion is how the devil communicates with our young people and alter the way they live their life.

 Most young musical artist don’t want to take responsibility for that, but whether they choose to acknowledge it or not, they are doing so much more than just using the gifts God blessed them with to produce fun music you can groove to, but they are also a huge influence in our kid’s lives. Most of them selfishly choose to do, sing and perform what and how they want; ignoring the fact that their music encourages sexual immorality, negative thinking; addictive behavior and ruins lives. Yes, parents share the blame for allowing their small children to even listen to or watch the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, the new Miley Cyrus and others who glamorize these things.

I loved secular music once. In fact, I remember thinking I’d have to give up the music I loved for HIM made me take a little longer to put both feet into my Christian walk. Now I am a woman after God’s own heart but I still love music. However, I hate the crap they call music these days; we are downloading ignorance that doesn’t teach or encourage in to our minds. I personally believe it is possible to produce a quality product that both teaches and is fun. It seems most (of today’s talented artist) just want to be famous, not taking into consideration the weight of the content of their music and how they carry themselves in the public eye.

Anyway, I stopped listening to music (not completely but mostly) for a while, because I haven’t found music to love again, until now. I finally decided to stop complaining and do something about it. So I downloaded legally some good Christian music I can do housework, exercise; bounce and meditate to. I downloaded some Kirk Franklin, Barlow Girls; Ron Kenoly; Michael W. Smith; Mary Mary; Nicole C.Mullen; Bebe and Cece Winans; Steven Curtis Chapman (my favorite); and more.

I have fallen in love with music again and now my step has more pep. After all music is a universal language.



Here are some of my favorites, check ‘em out:


  • Cinderella- Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Lift HIM up- Ron Kenoly
  • I need you to love me- Barlow Girl
  • Get Up-Mary Mary
  • Thank You- Mary Mary
  • When I Call on Jesus- Nicole C.Mullen
  • I Believe in Love-Barlow Girl
  • Miracle of the Moment-Steven Curtis Chapman
  • My Life is in your Hands-Kirk Franklyn
  • In the morning- Mary Mary
  • Draw Me Close to You- Michael W.Smith
  • I Know my Redeemer Lives- Nicole C.Mullen
  • One Heartbeat at Time- Steven Curtis Chapman
  • More to this Life-Steven Curtis Chapman
  • It’s the God in me-Mary Mary
  • God has Smiled on me-Mary Mary

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  1. Joleil April 17, 2010 at 8:46 pm - Reply

    You should try Here I Am by Kevin LeVar, I’m absolutely in love with it, its a very simple song but the message behind it is so …(can’t find a word) Two other favorites are So in Love and We Fall Down by Donnie McClurkin. They aren’t peppy as you say but I find them to be very soul searching and it helps alot in times of need.
    But anyways, to comment on our blog, being a person much like yourself who’s very much in love with music from all cultures and genres, it is a challenge and struggle to let go of secular music, I mean it IS everywhere you turn whether in videos, on the radio, on tv and even playing when you happen to just walk by in an office or something. Although most influence in a negative way, I don’t think all secular music is bad, there are some positive ones and once you know the meaning of the lyrics and background which it was made from I would say you’re pretty much safe. But still, I do understand that we have to give God our all as we’re supposed to be in the world not of it, but that on its own is a long and rough journey and until I’ve reached to the place where he wants me to be I’ll always have a challenge with music, its a deep love that’s going to be hard to break, not only for me but for others who share that same love.

    • Latisha April 22, 2010 at 7:13 am - Reply

      Hey Joliel,
      Thanks for your comment. I love it when I get those. Let me clarify a few things for you. I don’t think all secular music is bad at all. I like a few positive songs here or there. And I find myself sometimes singing songs that are very catchy but the lyrical content don’t reflect what Christianity stands for; then I have to consciously stop myself. I believe we really have to be careful the things we feed our minds. Although many people would like to differ, these things do influence our thoughts, actions, attitudes, etc. I do think we should consciously be aware of what we are listening to and watching, and the kind of stuff we feed our minds regularly; and choose to feed our minds more positive content. However don’t beat yourself up that it is hard to break (listening to the popular but not so positive secular tunes), I am 27 years old and my taste of music and movies had been transformed over time. I believe God transformed me; all I did was request HIS help. So take it a step at a time girl. Try to keep it as positive as possible. If you are trying to stay a virgin until marriage (I hope you are), don’t be listening to or watching heightened sexual content (which is everywhere). If you are like me and you struggle with anxiety don’t listen to music that pumps harder your already pumping adrenaline (listen to calming music). Watch what you feed your spirit. I know the battle is rough. Music is enthralling and really catchy. You start singing stuff you don’t even agree with or believe in because it sounds so good. Just be conscious about it and feed yourself as much positive content as possible. Ask God to change you, do what you can and let HIM do what you can’t. Hope you liked what I had to say.

      Enjoy your life.

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