Last Day of 2014

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Last Day of 2014

NewYearMost of the past year was a blur to me, it was a year mainly about accomplishing my main priorities only. That was have healthy pregnancy, deliver a healthy baby, take care of my other children, feed them, clothe them, teach them, help them grow, grow in my relationship with God and teach my children to do the same.

For the most part I think I did alright in those areas. Even though I have been very hard on myself in believing that I was doing okay. Most of the year have been a challenge for me. Things are changing, the family has grown and our dynamics have changed. The last three months, after baby number four (on Earth) was born have been the biggest challenge of all. Sometimes I feel inadequate, but I know better, I know in the grand scheme of things, I’m doing the best (maybe I could do better if I was some kind of supermom) in my imperfections I could do.

Sometimes I question my choices, but can’t think of an alternate choice I’d make if given the chance. Would I have not married my husband? Absolutely not. Would I not have my children? No. Would I not work at home or homeschool my children? I don’t think so. If given a chance I’d probably do it all over again.

However, like any living breathing human with human imperfections, I do have regrets and wishes, dreams and hopes.
So they are some things I’d do differently. Mistakes I like to keep my children from making. They are wishes, dreams and hopes I’d like to come true. They are needs that I know God knows we have that I’d like him to fulfill in this coming year or in his perfect timing.

This year I started my eight year old daughter’s third grade learning and my five year old son’s Kindergarten learning. My third (living) child/third born son who is now 18 months went through all the typical milestones between baby-18 months, hold up his head for the first time, eating food for the first time, crawling, talking, smiling, walking and all the little things in between this past year.

My children’s personalities are taking shape. My daughter is an extremely creative, smart, and a gifted artist and singer. She loves making things for people. She is very strong-willed and likes to have things her way. She has sang in front of an audience many times in her young life. Her favorite song is “Let It Go” from Frozen. She had a Frozen themed cake and Frozen themed birthday party this year.

My five year old son loves coloring, especially with markers, cutting paper and his favorite subject is Math. He wants to play the drums, he likes trains and his favorite t.v shows are Team Umizoomi and Paw Patrol. His favorite foods are fruits and vegetables (seriously). He had a Paw Patrol themed birthday cake.

My 18 month old son loves to eat. He is learning to say words and his favorite person to hang with is Grandma. He is also a momma’s boy.

My 3 month old son, is not that much of a sleeper. He looks a lot like his dad and he is somewhat a quiet baby.

Me- I am just trying to do the homeschooling, work -at- home, home-making mom thing. I work hard everyday and don’t get a paycheck. I have hopes and dreams, most for my children and family, but some for myself. I dream of someday becoming a more, confident, wise woman of faith and strength. To be more disciplined and patient. To have many passions and hobbies. To live life to the fullest and to inspire others.

My main Goals, Hopes and Desires for 2015-

To lose 40-50 pounds (I am 200 pounds, about 5 ft tall), don’t know how I am going to do it, but God help me in this objective.

Complete my children’s educational levels- Complete third grade transition into fourth. Continue Kindergarten transition into first grade.

Move into a more spacious home- Need three-four bedrooms, School room, Home Office, Spacious Kitchen, Family Room and maybe a dinning room and living room, if God feels extra generous

A Family Vehicle

Develop and Revamp my blogs (,

Financial Blessings/ Bless our family business

A secret hope (that I can’t share with you, but God knows what it is)

To break free from the strongholds of fear, anxiety and worry

To grow in confidence
(Possibly) Publish poetry book

I pray God gives me guidance, wisdom, patience, strength , courage, confidence, faith and all I need to be the woman, mother, wife, homeschool teacher and everything that He has made me and my family to be.

What are your hopes, dreams, desires and goals for 2015?
Happy 2015. Love, Peace and Blessings to you in the New Year.


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  1. Kali January 21, 2015 at 10:49 am - Reply

    I pray that the Lord blesses you as you work toward your goals for this year. I am still thinking through some of my goals. A couple of them include reading through the New Testament, reading 36 books, and giving three compliments a day.

  2. Naomi@WhatJoyIsMine January 24, 2015 at 11:03 pm - Reply

    Latisha…you have a great list and I pray the Lord provide what you need to accomplish them. I haven’t finished my goal list yet but I know one is to read through the entire bible by December 31st and journal my journey. Another is to finish my book on prayer. Thank you for sharing at Monday’s Musings.

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