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Last Post of 2008

Well, it’s the final day of 2008. Oh, what a year, what a wonderful imperfect year. I initially intended to write a bunch of posts today; one that would be a list of some of my most memorable moments of 2008; but I changed my mind; maybe next year. I’ll make it quick with a very brief rundown.

            This year brought about changes in my life; I visited Canada for the first time; I experienced my first Spring and my second Autumn (colorful seasons); I went bowling for a second time and bowled two strikes; I celebrated my 26th birthday, my husband his 31st and my daughter her 2nd; my husband and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary by having dinner at Olive Garden; we went to a carnival and my husband and daughter slid on this massive slide called the Super Slide and I was scared out of my wits on a ride called the “Octopus” (went on it by myself);  I found a place of worship where I feel comfortable (a Church) and we moved into our own apartment; I started working on getting in shape and did really awesome for about two months, started to look and feel so great; but then I fell back into my old ways making excuses and procrastinating, and I still haven’t got it together again since. God has really taken care of me and enriched my life. I started working on my blog officially in August and I am still going strong with my blogging; now all I need are some readers who are interested in what I have to say; I found a really great website ( that has helped me to make new friends from all over the world and collect awesome postcards from places I dream of seeing someday; like China, Spain, Finland, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Germany, other states of the U.S.A, etc. I have even met a pen pal who visited from Japan and we went to see “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” together. Thanksgiving and Christmas was a blast with all God’s provisions: family, friends, a home, food, etc.

            This year I witnessed some historical moments on television courtesy of the likes of our first African-American and 44th President of the United States Barack Obama and fish man Michael Phelps.

            However; I am so completely thankful for another year,  another chance to grow, mature, live, accomplish, make friends, get in shape, boost my confidence, study God’s word, pray more, read more, write more, learn more, spend quality time with my daughter and improve as a person in all aspects of my life. I desire to be in a better place; the place God has planned for me, the place where I can shine brightly for all around me to see my glow, as well as add to the world and the lives of others. I am excited to see what this New Year brings; I pray for blessings, protection, guidance, grace, understanding, discernment, financial blessings and all God has to offer, for my life and my love ones. I pray we may bless the lives of others with whatever we can.

            The New Year will meet me at the door with many questions, concerns and challenges. I trust that God will answer some of those questions and lead me on the right path. I trust he will take care of us and help me to grow. We just have to take it step by step. To anyone who reads this tonight; may you enjoy your last night in 2008 and may all of you my friends have a splendid 2009. I’ll be there with you in the year ahead; may we all grow together. I will holla at you with some photo journals of 2008 and my New Years Resolutions really early next year. Love you all and I hope we can continue to be friends in 2009.

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