Brief One or Two Line Reviews of the Christmas Movies I watched this year

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Brief One or Two Line Reviews of the Christmas Movies I watched this year

christmasblogpostbanner2There is hardly a Christmas movie I don’t like. Some I like more than others. Some I absolutely love. The key elements for me that makes a Christmas movie my favorite is sweet romance, great story telling, good acting, great characters, heart-warming, and that captures the spirit of Christmas in some way, e.g love, forgiveness, generosity, etc.

Favorites (Four-Five Stars):

One Starry Christmas- It was a really sweet film. Very romantic. Liked the leading couple. Think the leading lady has a smile that can brighten a room.

One Christmas Eve– Very funny and unpredictable. Exciting. Love the characters. Love the unlikely friendships that developed in this film. Will watch again. Would buy this film.

The Christmas Secret- Loved this Christmas movie. Loved the concept and loved the happy ending.

Christmas at Cartwright’s- The concept was quite unique. Loved the characters, especially Harry and Peg. Had a wonderful happy ending.

“Santa Con”– Interesting concept, story telling and characters. It was quite funny in some parts. Would watch it again. Would buy this movie.

Christmas Bounty –Francia Raisa is very beautiful (okay sexy) as a kickass bounty hunter and “The Miz” is really cute as her still in love with her ex. The characters are quite fun, especially the Jersey ones. This is a really fun, semi-cheesy Christmas film. It’s a keeper.

“The Christmas Candle”– Very interesting story telling.

A Christmas Kiss II – Very romantic. Great chemistry between the two romantic leads. Would watch it again.

“The Christmas Dragon”– A wonderful Christmas adventure. Great Christmas movie for those who like a good Epic/adventure movie. There are parts of it that looks a little unrealistic but for the most part the movie quality isn’t too bad at all.

Average Christmas Movies (Three Stars):

These are Christmas, I don’t love or hate, but I did like them. These mini reviews just points out what stood out to me in the film. Whether cliched or cheesy, I did enjoy watching them even though I probably won’t watch them again or buy my own copy to keep.

The Nine Lives of Christmas- It was just an okay Christmas movie. Watching it once is enough. Chemistry between leading couple was not there. Brandon Routh lacks charm.

The Cookie Cutter Christmas- The concept of the movie was a little stupid. The chemistry between the leading couple wasn’t that great. It was just alright. Wouldn’t watch a second time.

Christmas Under Wraps- It was okay. Nothing really stood out to me in this Christmas film. It had the usually ingredients to a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.

The Christmas Shepherd– is a very nice Christmas film.

“A Royal Christmas”- is “A Princess for Christmas” and “Princess Diaries” put together.

“Northpole”- Very nice imagery.

“The Best Christmas Party Ever”- This movie’s style kind of reminds me of “A Recipe For a Perfect Christmas.” It’s okay, nothing to shout about. Wouldn’t want to watch it again.

“A Christmas Mystery”- I liked it. I would probably watch it again.

“A Perfect Christmas List”- I like the concept. Really poor acting from Dr. Brandon (Aaron Hill) and some others though. Fun movie, would watch again.

“Back to Christmas”- Similar ingredients to movies like “Eve’s Christmas” and Kristin’s Christmas Past.” Liked the ending.

“Small Town Santa”– Nice Christmas movie. One of the three Dain Cain Christmas movies release this year. Loved Santa. Like the story telling. Would watch again.

“Angels and Ornaments”- Interesting concept. The chemistry between the romantic leads not that great. Featured a somewhat cranky Angel.

“Debbie Macomber’s Mr. Miracle”– The concept and storytelling was alright. Felt the character of Mr.Miracle was over played and the actress playing the part of Addie wasn’t very enjoyable to watch.

“The Christmas Parade”- AnnaLyne Mccord doesn’t look like she belongs in a Hallmark movie. This movie was an ordinary Hallmark Christmas movie.No need to watch again.

Merry Ex-Mas- Reasonably believable concept. Some bad acting, ridiculous accents and some really stupid scenarios.

“An Evergreen Christmas” A pleasant Christmas movie. Interesting characters and some amateur acting. Has a Lady Gaga lookalike in it.

Did not like all that much (One-Two stars)

“A Madea Christmas”- A typical Tyler Perry/Madea movie. Funny in some parts. Interesting characters- the good, bad and misunderstood. Thought provoking story telling but not all that Christmassy.

Christmas in Palm Springs- A little cheesy. Some poor acting. Patrick Muldoon always looks and talks like he is high these days. He is very hard to take seriously as an actor.

“A Country Christmas”– Somewhat cheesy. The Little girl’s speech in the film was worth my time though.

“Hercules Saves Christmas”- one of the worst Christmas movies I have ever watched. Extreme cheese and stupidity.

“Get Santa”– It wouldn’t kill you to watch. Watch when really bored and there is nothing else more interesting available to watch.

“Santa Claws”- Cheesy and ridiculous. Watch if bored. Children liked it though.

Fun Christmas Animations:

“Saving Santa”- Fun and exciting. Good animation.

“Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure”- Fun and exciting. Good animation.

“The Naughty List”- Fun and exciting. Good animation. Did not like some of the characters though (for my own personal reasons).

“The Magic Crystal”- It was interesting, the characters were interesting as well, like a muscular Reindeer Pilot with a Jamaican accent.

“Veggie Tales: Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas”- Another very fantastic Veggie Tale movie. Funny and teaches a very good lesson of the true reason for the season. Would buy this movie.

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