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Moscow- The Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed at night

The sender writes “Legend says that Russian Ivan was so amazed by its beauty  that he ordered to blind the archetects who designed it, so they cannot build another like this.”

That’s an interesting piece of info. To learn more about this Cathedral here is a link .





This is Riga, Latvia. Before Postcrossing, I never knew a place called Latvia existed. I like this post card because it reminds me of a park we go to downtown.

The Sender writes: “Hi, Happy Birthday to you and your daughter!!! My daughter turned 2 in April this year :-) and greetings from Riga, Latvia! Hope you like the view on the card-it is a park in the centre of Riga. Happy Postcrossing!”


  This is from Malaysia.

It says on the back:

The Sultan Sallahuddin Mosque in Shah Alam– The largest Mosque in South East Asia and the most expensive ever built in Malaysia.








Says at the back : Moscow. Panorama of V.V.C

 Copenhagen, Denmark

This one is my favorite; I heard about this monument on the travel channel earlier this year and when I finally linked up with a postcrosser from Denmark, I specifically asked for it.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Hello Latisha,

It was surprisingly difficult to get my hands on this card. This monument of “The Little Mermaid” is situated in Copenhagen (capital of Denmark) which is on the east coast of the biggest island. I live in Åthus on the mainland (orange dot). Usually I can get postcards from all kinds of places in Denmark because Åthus is Denmark’s second biggest city. But, ofcourse, I couldn’t find a single postcard with the little mermaid. So now I am in Copenhagen (meeting some friends) and bought a whole stack :). I hope you like the card. Best Wishes. “

Isn't that awesome. I love postcrossing.

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