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MoVieS tHiS wEeK

madeaThis week got to watch four new movies; two at the cinema and two delivered from Netflix.

             It all started when my first movie arrived in my mailbox Tuesday. “Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail,” it was a good; quality; funny movie done in Tyler Perry fashion. It was different seeing Keshia Knight Pulliam (The Cosby Show) take on a role like that. I still got to say even though she has been acting all her life, she still needs to work on her craft, not saying she is bad but she isn’t great or good either; she’s alright. Nevertheless, I am glad Tyler Perry was able to give her the opportunity to find her career again and I hope her alignment with TP Studios takes her to great heights, that’s a honest wish. I’d give “Madea Goes to Jail” a four star rating; mainly because it’s a Tyler Production. I liked it, I am not sure if I really took anything away from it, but it was a good story and very entertaining.

            upWednesday, was a beautiful day; my sister and I visited a cinema downtown; to see UP in 3D, this is my first 3D animation since Beowulf. It was awesome. I want more 3D, even though 3D flicks are mad expensive. UP was a really sweet story of love and unlikely friendships. It was about adventure and letting go of yesterdays, for greater tomorrows. This film really had a lot to say to those who’d quiet their minds and just listen; it was fun, funny and sweet, it is a treasure for children and adults alike.

            proposalThen on Friday (yesterday) a really sweet friend of mine (new friendship) took me to see “The Proposal.” She is my “IHOP and Chick Flick Friend,” I say that because that is the only two things we have done with each other so far.

We have had breakfast at IHOP twice and seen two chick flicks together, “The Confessions of a Shopaholic” and  “The Proposal.”

 I read somewhere that some critics think it’s an “unoriginal” film.  I beg to differ. Duh, anyone could predict that the two leads will fall in love by the end of the film, that’s the Chick Flick Formula. Shame on movies like “The Break-Up” (Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn) who deviate from the formula. I like my happy endings; got to have my sweet; sexy; sensitive; predictable happy ending. It’s the journey to that predictable ending that makes a cliché flick not that cliché.  This was a really funny film and there is no one who could ever be compared to Sandra Bullock. I always loved her films and her versatility. Ryan Reynolds was really a sweet heart in this film. I felt way better chemistry here with Ryan and Sandra than with Isla Fisher and Ryan (Definitely, Maybe) and a much more romantic storyline than in “Definitely, Maybe.”

 I liked the tender evolution of emotions in the littlest things in this film. Like when Sandra’s character was in the bed and he was lying on the floor in a guest bedroom at his parents house and she started to confess little sweet unknown details about herself; and when they had to jump in bed together to hide that he was really sleeping on the floor and he started freaking out about his parents and grandma finding out that the engagement was a sham, she starting rubbing his back saying “they’re not going to find out,” then suddenly she started to realize she was beginning to feel something for this guy. At that moment I felt what she was feeling deep inside of my loins and I understood the intensity of the situation and why she felt she had to run away fast. This movie featured a lot of little memorable things like the beautiful backdrop of Alaska;  the male stripper/caterer/shop keeper character Ramone (he was very funny); the naked collision; when Sanra’s character tried to bargain with an eagle trading a cute adorable puppy  in exchange for a cell phon and more.  I’d buy it on DVD. I loved it; five “chick-flick” stars. What can I say I love happy endings more than anything. That’s just me.

            Lastly; I fboltinally got to watch “Bolt” last night, also about love, unlikely friendships and being a hero. It doesn’t take much to be a hero, just the courage to try. Bolt was nice, it sends a powerful message about the three things mentioned above. I think I may use this movie for a Youth Group Movie Night Fundraiser at our Church. More to talk about next week. Have a hella good weekend and go watch a flick if you can. Tell me about it too.


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    Greatings, I have already seen it somethere…
    Have a nice day

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