Moving Day!

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Moving Day!

Guess, what kind of vehicle is parked in front our house right now?

Yup; it’s a moving van; they are finally leaving; I pray to bigger and better things; but the folks previously residing in what’s to be our new home sweet home; five days later than they were technically supposed to; are saying goodbye once and for all.

So for us (my family and I); this means things are finally shaking and stirring and we are moving a step up and forward; closer to our destiny; whatever that may be. I feel it in my bones; things are about to get interesting and lots more fun. I am looking forward to what life holds.

Yesterday; was the appetizer to the spicy dinner called a “new season” (or should I say seasoning) we are about to taste. It started with a five minute chat with my husband’s Father-in-Law’s brother; saying something like “I would do that, but my wife is not that spontaneous; my family needs to plan things six month in advance” (an exaggeration of the truth); then it evolved into me getting up at 4 am the next day; sitting with a sore pooch (a Bajan word for buttocks)in the back seat of a car for four hours; my daughter resting peacefully on my lap; my Husband conversing with the driver in the front seat; Bajan Soca (Caribbean music form; groovy fast paste music) and West Indian Reggae playing on the radio (C.Ds) and steering at a miniature Barbados flag hung on the Rearview mirror. Thinking about how my life has evolved; what I missed, what I have experienced, where I am now and what’s to come.

So anyway; guess where that four hour and a half journey took us; to my family/friends (not by blood-by marriage) in New York; whose company I immensely enjoyed. Kytara spent the day playing as well as harmlessly competing with a little girl just about her age and it was so sweet to watch the two of them together; both with their own little quirks.

We did some shopping; bought a few things for my new bathroom and we just spent the very short time we had together talking and having fun; I felt completely fulfilled by a moment in life that just whisk past me so fast that I only felt the breeze; it was like today became yesterday before I knew what hit me. The ride back up was long but we lived through and then it was all over. A happy little memory stemmed from a little spontaneity.

Today; I was exhausted but managed to watch the season premiere of “90210,” which I Tivo’d from Thursday; it was a repeat. The concept of this new series turned out to be pretty much what I expected; I figured if the original was the way it was back then; I could only imagine how far from the edge this new show would go; with sexually heighten teen dramas on T.V like “Gossip Girl” and “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”

Drama, drama, drama; not sure if I like it or hate it or so-so-in-between but I’ll give it a few more episodes and see. I will comment on the characters; they are very beautiful people and very beautifully dressed; with the exception of one freaky looking Goth girl; not a single “freak” by man’s definition in sight.

Today; I also receive a birthday card from the U.K and a postcard from Latvia courtesy of; as well as this week’s edition of “Entertainment Weekly” magazine. It featured a list of this years Fall t.v line-up; a bunch things on it that caught my eye and a lot of t.v schedule clashes; so we just have to wait and see what I hate; I love; I like and the so-so-in-betweens plus what Tivo and I can do. I also had some great healthy chips called Stacy’s Pita Chips. Taste great and it won’t ruin your weight. Check ‘um out Until next time my friends. Have a great weekend. I have faith I will.

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  1. Matthew September 6, 2008 at 3:54 am - Reply

    Hey! This is a great blog entry. It gives me a lot of insight about you. I linked here from postcrossing and you should be receiving a postcard from me soon. I hope you like it. I love your Blog, and I will check it out often. Thanks bunches!

    Talk to ya soon.

  2. Latisha September 6, 2008 at 6:24 am - Reply

    You are so great. Thank you, so much for reading.


  3. stella_sabian September 11, 2008 at 5:35 am - Reply

    Changing something in your life is always for the best. It’s a new phase that presages something interesting to happen. It can be anything connected with changes.

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