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Moving Up Diaries

Well; the time has come; the waiting period is finally over and we have arrived in God’s nick of time. It hasn’t fully sunk in yet; the beauty of God’s grace but I see with my own two eyes so much to be grateful for. It hasn’t happened all at once and there are lots to do but it is good to be on the first step towards wherever these steps lead. Oh, the mystery of life. So here’s what my weeks been like since my last post (Moving Day- September 5th, 2008):

Friday, September 5th-

Former patrons of my current apartment moved out; everything but the kitchen sink.

Saturday, September 6th-

In the morning we were still unsure of what’s going to happen next, we had not seen the apartment as yet. However, I really wanted to do some shopping for stuff for our future home, so we went to some bargain stores as well as Target, bought some curtains, pillows, hangers, little bits of household items. That night we finally saw our beautiful apartment and I got to say it is almost perfect. It is also very spacious, a lot more space than we have been dealing with for the past year and I love all the rooms, especially the Master Bedroom and Kitchen. Our bedroom has a walk-in closet, how cool is that?

Sunday, September 7th-

We went shopping at Walmart, bought some curtains, curtain rods, Venetian blinds, an awesome looking T.V stand for $24.00, I bought a huge collage picture frame for $20.00. We also saw a sexy dining room set in a box for $99.00 but it could not fit in the vehicle we came in, so we left it behind. That evening when we arrived home, the second hand fridge we were set to buy was delivered and moved up to the apartment right away. Its in good condition (almost like new), with a few exceptions, it’s spacious, silver and big and we only paid $75.00 for it. God is good.

Monday, September 8th-

My husband touched up (paint) some spots on the walls, hung up Venetian blinds and curtains in the Master bedroom, Kytara’s room and the living room. I remained downstairs, looked after Kytara and emptied as many drawers as I could and packed up all our stuff, with exception of some of our clothing; just in case we would not be moving in a hurry.

Tuesday, September 9th-

My husband continued to work on the apartment upstairs and I on the other hand used the opportunity I had while my daughter was sleeping to move as much more stuff as I could upstairs including the drawers of the Chester drawer and Dresser from our soon to be former room.

Wednesday, September 10th –

Our bed, Chester Drawer and Dresser was carried upstairs by my husband and a friend of the family. After everything was sorted, I unpacked and put away as much stuff as I could. That night we showered in our bathroom for the first time and slept in the Master Bedroom for the first time. With all the windows open, it was a cold night, so the next morning I woke up sick.

Thursday, September 11th-

I did not feel very well but still manage to assist my husband in cleaning up the downstairs rooms in which we had been utilizing for the past year, as well as putting back out some of my mother-in-laws ornaments which we boxed during the last Christmas season.

Friday, September 12th-

More fixing up and getting stuff together; Kytara’s bed frame pieces arrived, as well as the Internet-Cable-Telephone guy; who hooked us up. My husband put together our daughter’s bed while the Internet-Cable-Telephone guy did his thing.

Saturday, September 13th-

We did no work towards the apartment. We walked to Walgreens bought a gift for a little girl, stopped at the Post Office, then went home got ready to go to a Birthday party at Chuck E.Cheese. It was hectic and lots of fun. My daughter had a great time.

Sunday, September 14th-

We went to Target and bought a Mattress for our daughter’s bed, as well as a few other things. We bought household supplies such as cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, table cloth, table mats, artwork for the walls, etc from Family Dollar. We came home, cooked in our kitchen for the first time and that night my daughter fell asleep in her own bed. I got to hug my husband while we were sleeping for the first time in a very long time. That night we also hung pictures on the Kitchen wall and hallway.

Monday, September 15th-

Got up, ordered some pics from Walgreens for my collage frame brought from Walmart; went to the Laundry; came home, took a walk with my family to Walgreens; picked up pictures, stopped at post office; bought stamps, mail package to Ireland, as well as postcards for postcrossers; walked back home; brought a panic attack upon myself 10 seconds from my house; made my husband angry and felt extremely hurt and disappointed about the whole thing, my husband collected the clothes from the laundry; I stayed in bed for a while, then tried to put together the collage pictures in the frame myself but it turned out to be much harder and frustrating than I thought; that only added fuel to the already ignited fire (I was angry, hurt, miserable, sad, disappointed, afraid all in one); my husband finally came to help me and struggled with it a little, then my Dad called; said he had a feeling he needed to call me and you know what, the conversation did actually calm my spirit. My husband eventually figured out an easier way to sort the pics and while I was talking to my Dad; he finished it up. We hung it on the wall and it was incredibly beautiful. I felt proud of what we accomplished; mostly my very consistently calm spouse. It was a sweet ending to a rough day.

Tuesday, September 16th-

Worked on my blog.

Wednesday, September 17th-

Talked to friends and family online, received a working microwave. Don’t really know the story behind it, where it came from, if it’s new or old, how many times it’s been used, etc, etc, etc. I know my Mother-in-Law brought it home and it’s definitely from God. Oh, generous and merciful are thee. I am looking forward to my first batch of microwave popcorn from it.

Talk to you soon.

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