Today my daughter (8 years old) said to me with a smile on her face “mom, all that packing and unpacking and driving a long way was worth it.”

Throughout the week, my children have said things or done things to indicate that they love our new home. You know what, in so many ways I love my new home too.

We have been enjoying our latest spectacular blessing from God for about a week now. I will be sharing more about my new home in the near future, but for this post I would like to share about my week leading up to moving day, as well as talk about the day itself.

Moving to a home like the one we live in now, has been a dream and a prayer for my husband and I for a long time, but within the last 10 months this dream and prayer intensified and became more of an urgent desire.

A door started to seem like it was opening, but it never opened all the way. Then suddenly, after a long wait for that door to open, another door completely, unexpectedly opened all the way and the path was clear. The first door eventually closed, after the second opened.

This door was never on our radar, but God knew what we needed, He saw the big picture, one that we would have never been able to possibly imagine or catch a glimpse of.

Why we are here and what the future holds is completely unknown, but for now I am glad to be here in this beautiful place.

Leading up to this day, we waited and waited. We didn’t even know what the house looked like until the day we signed the lease, but we knew this house was ours. We knew that this path was being divinely set and it was all in the bag.

So we tried to hold together our impatience for the weeks leading up to the set date to look at the house and sign the lease. Thus far we only had a picture of the front of our brightly painted yellow house- we called it our sunflower house (this is my favorite flower).

God is worth the wait

The day came, when we finally saw the house for the first time and we knew this was our new home, the one we were waiting for. We signed the lease and the season of wait was over. Now began the season of preparation.

Before that though, I went away for the weekend on a Women’s retreat with the woman’s ministry of my church. This was an opportunity for bonding and goodbyes. I had such a wonderful weekend, which I shared in my post entitled “Happy.”

When I returned on Sunday afternoon, some packing and throwing stuff away began.

Then Monday, I went to breakfast at IHOP with a wonderful, kind lady from my Church, who gifted me $500 as a going away present, this was a blessing to our family as it covered moving expenses that week.

This same lady also gifted me $100 at the retreat, which I was able to use to buy some nice things for myself. She has always been an extremely generous person in my life, even when I’m not expecting it, I pray God puts me in a position in the future to bless people, in the way she has blessed me.

That Tuesday, for some reason we couldn’t get alot of packing done and I don’t know why, the day just did not flow very well.

That evening, I went to the Tuesday night women’s meeting, where the ladies blessed me with wonderful gifts and each person read one of my poems from my poetry book “Spiritual Essence.”

Hearing my poems read by others was such a wonderful blessing to my spirit and the poems that were chosen reflected the dreams and prayers that were about to come true.

Then I read a poem from my book called “Little Things,” a poem about friendship. I felt so very loved that evening.

Wednesday and Thursday were packing days. Thursday was crunch time. That day was a very tiring and challenging day. I had no one to watch my children, so it was all on me to take care of my four kids including a baby and clingy toddler and pack. It was very hard.
But God gave me the strength.

My husband packed the U-Haul, almost completely by himself, with a little help here and there.

We finally left at around 10 p.m and arrived at our new home at about midnight. Luckily, there was already a bunk bed set up in one of the rooms, so my kids were able to sleep in a comfy bed that night and not on the floor.

I didn’t sleep much that night. When morning arrived, I woke up from my short sleep and took it all in. We were here.

In a twinkle of an eye, the season of change I have been waiting for, trusting for, praying for was here. Of course, it really didn’t seem like a twinkle of an eye in my waiting season, but now as I reflect, in the end when “the door” finally opened, it all happened quickly after that.

My daughter was right, it was all worth it. God is most certainly worth waiting for.

Oh how we are divinely blessed!

Trust in the Lord
Matthw 6 33