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My 100th Post

My husband took this photo in 2007-I Love it.

It’s a brand new beautiful morning. Let’s celebrate. If you are wondering what is there to celebrate; then now is the time to reevaluate your thinking. There is always something to celebrate if you close your “real-world” eyes and open your “God” eyes.

Good! Now take a deep breathe and inhale life. Now what do you see? Do you see that you have a computer, from which you can read this post? Do you see that you have a home and bed to call your own? Do you see you have food in your kitchen and so much more wonderful blessings to be thankful for? Have you looked outside today? Look at the beautiful earth created just for us. Thank God, he doesn’t charge us rent to simply go outside and inhale clean air or for the trees, the flowers, the bird’s natural melody and all else nature has to offer.

            Thank God, some things, the best things in life are really free, so please enjoy life today.

Today I celebrate. I celebrate  life; I celebrate my husband; I celebrate my daughter; I celebrate my home and I celebrate my 100th post (amoung other things); a post filled with 100 things divided in 5 parts, when I first started this blog, I was worried I wouldn’t even make it to post #10, now it’s been almost a year since post #1 and I stuck it out. I am very proud; how about you? What are you proud of?

 My 100 Things:

20 Things I am Thankful for


1.)    To be Alive

2.)    My Husband K.D.B

3.)    My Daughter Kytara

4.)    My Unborn son Kenei

5.)    My Marriage

6.)    My Siblings

7.)    My Parents

8.)    My Home

9.)    My Church

10.)                        Food

11.)                        A Hefty supply of Toilet Paper

12.)                        My Talents

13.)                        My Looks

14.)                        My Personality

15.)                        My True Friends-Present, Past & Future

16.)                        That God is with me

17.)                        That guides me

18.)                        That God protects me

19.)                        Water

20.)                        Earth  and all it’s element

And so much more….


20 things I am praying for


1.)    My Marriage

2.)    My Children

3.)    My Home

4.)    My Health

5.)    My Mind

6.)    My Spirit

7.)    My Life

8.)    My Growth

9.)    My Finances

10.)                        My Family

11.)                        My Friends

12.)                        My Church

13.)                        My Goals

14.)                        The U.S.A

15.)                        Other Countries doing good on this Earth

16.)                        Against Countries who wage war and cause problems

17.)                        Healing

18.)                        My Future

19.)                        My Family’s future

20.)                        My Talents

 + Other people I don’t know and so much more

 20 Things I wish to do this Summer

1.)    To have a healthy pregnancy

2.)    Show my two sisters and mother who are visiting this summer from the Caribbean a good time

3.)    Celebrate my sister’s 16th birthday- 29th July

4.)    Celebrate my daughter’s 3rd birthday-24th August

5.)    Celebrate my 27th birthday- 28th August

6.)    A successful baby shower-22nd August

7.)    A successful Vacation Bible School-I am assistant Craft leader-August 3rd-7th

8.)    Go on a roundtrip to a theme park with my Church’s Youth Group-July 18th

9.)    Go on a road trip to a different theme park with the Church- August 15th

10.)                        Watch fireworks –July 4th

11.)                        Shop

12.)                        The Aquarium

13.)                        Zoo

14.)                        A Tour of the City

15.)                        Beach

16.)                        Outside fun-the park, grilling, plastic pool, etc.

17.)                        Scrapbooking, art, writing ,blogging, photography, etc.

18.)                        Movies

19.)                        Theater

20.)                        And have fun

20 Things about me

1.)    I write poetry

2.)    I like to write a lot

3.)    I scrapbook (since 2008)

4.)    I love the arts-art, music, movies, dance, etc.

5.)    I love books

6.)    I love magazines

7.)    I am sentimental

8.)    I am emotional

9.)    I love my family

10.)                        I love celebrations

11.)                        I love Christmas more than any other time of the year

12.)                        I love giving people gifts they want, love or need

13.)                        I desire to be rich, so I may have the life i dream of and be a blessing to others

14.)                        I desire to travel all over the world

15.)                        I collect post cards and souvenirs

16.)                        I want to be a renown writer

17.)                        I desire to see many Broadway/theater shows

18.)                        I want at least 7 children by birth or adoption

19.)                        I would like to live in a beautiful spacious home with a big backyard, front lawn, a pond, swings, slides, a garden, etc.

20.)                        I have many dreams and visions I believe that are from God for my life.

20 Favorites

1.)    T. V Shows (now) – “The Secret Life of an American Teenager”, “Leverage”, “Monk”, “Psych”, “Chuck” and more.

2.)    Movie (Now)- “The Proposal”, “The House Bunny”, “Stardust”, “Ratatouille”, “Kung-Fu Panda”, “Igor,” “Happy Feet” etc

3.)    T.V Shows (All-Time)- “Quantum Leep”, “Mcgyver”, “Matlock”, “Muder She Wrote”, “V”, “Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues”, “Mission: Impossible (The Remake)”,” Time Trax”, “Flash” and more.

4.)    Movie (All-Time): “Dirty Dancing”,”Police Academy”, “Back to the Future 1, 2, 3”, “It’s a Wonderful Life” and so much more.

5.)    Book- Joel Osteen-“Your Best Life Now”, “The Five Love Languages”-Gary Chapman

6.)    Ice Cream Flavor- Chocolate

7.)    Snacks- Salt & Vinegar Pringles, Fiery Hot Cheetos. Stacy’s Pita Chips

8.)    Subjects- Art & English Language

9.)    Past Times- Watching T.v, reading, art, music, dance, going to the cinema, etc.

10.)                        Reality Dance Series- “So, you think you can dance,” “Dancing with the Stars,” etc.

11.)                        Sitcom- “Tyler Perry’ Meet the Browns

12.)                        Celebrity- Tyler Perry

13.)                        Food- Pasta & Corned Beef

14.)                        Drink (Brand)- Capri Sun

15.)                        Chocolate- Lindt Chocolate

16.)                        Holiday- Christmas

17.)                        Place to Shop- Walmart

18.)                        Place to go- Cinema

19.)                        Technology- Tivo

20.)                        Blog/Website-

 Happy 100th to me

Have a great day, my friends

Love Latisha

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