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My Daughter Kytara

My daughter Kytara is 2 years old; she is my first born; her birthday was on the 24th August, 2006; four days before my 24th birthday. My daughter Kytara is the most beautiful girl I have ever met; she has black curly hair; dark brown eyes; a dimple in her chin and her right cheek; she is tall and slender and already has a voluptuous little bottom and sexy thighs; no joke.

However; beyond her outer appearance I see the core of one of God’s most remarkable creations. My daughter Kytara is extremely confident (Which is a lot more than I can say about her mother, at this moment); adventurous; takes risk; deeply and undoubtedly trust her parents with every fiber of her being; intelligent; learns very quickly; loves to dance, swim, play football and climb; she loves to laugh; she is creative but most of all she is loved truly.

Kytara has a mother; who prays for her everyday and those prayers started from the day she learned of her daughter’s existence; she prayed for her daughter’s protection, happiness, health, wealth, body, mind, spirit; her journey, marriage, virginity, personality, values and more. Since her birth; Kytara has spent most of her life with her parents; they are the first faces she sees in the morning and the last before she goes to sleep at night. They take her on adventures to the park, to the beach; on the bus; on the train or on an airplane. My daughter Kytara; also has uncles; aunts and grand-parents who love her very much.

Who will she become as she grows; what kind of person will she be; right now, no one knows. Will she be a gymnast or an athlete: football player or swimmer? Will she still love adventures and be confident? Will she be healthy; wealthy and happy? Who will she be? What kind of lady? I think a lot of that has to do with me and of course her Daddy.

We have to keep it sparkling; that sparkle in her eye; we have to keep it shining; that glow in her heart; we have to keep it burning; the fire in her soul. We have to pray for her and teach her how to pray for herself. We have to love her and teach her how to love herself; we have to encourage her and help her natural confidence to grow; we have to motivate and inspire her to discover all her talent and special gifts; we have to support her; when she starts chasing her dreams; teach her God’s word; teach her perseverance, courage, strength, hope and other values of life and we have to help her find the Greatness within herself.

How do we do all of that? We do it for ourselves first; then like a baton in the relay race of life, we pass it on; so someday she will pass it on to her children and they will pass it on to theirs and so it continues and just like that your family has a new cycle; a better one.

It doesn’t matter; where we come from; who raised us or what happen in the previous stage in our life; today is a new day and it is never to late to change; be healed and restored but you can’t do it without HIM.

My daughter Kytara is a blessing from God; she gives me butterflies and goose bumps; she makes me laugh and smile; she scares me; sometimes she makes me mad when she is disobedient but more than anything she makes me proud. Thank you, God.

Pray for your children today; the ones who are already there and the ones who aren’t; pray for yourself; ask for forgiveness; healing and restoration; be the woman or man you know you were always meant to be; be the mom or dad you know God planned for you to be and fall in love with your children again. Help them find the Greatness in themselves.
Children are the future of the world and the greatest gift from God. Let them help you to rekindle the innocence and joy of youth in you.

And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven, Matthew 18:3.

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