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My Postcard Collection

I am not sure how many postcards I have today, I stopped counting a while ago. I do know I have at least 100 or more, maybe 20 or so, I bought myself but the others I received in the mail from friends, penpals and postcrossers from all over the world. You maybe wondering; what is a postcrosser ? Well we are a group of people in this world; who love collecting postcards, snail-mail and meeting new people from around the world and were lucky enough to stumble upon a site that caters to all these passions , my most favorite website on the planet. Click the link and see why, but before you do that, check out some of my favorite postcards collected in 2008.

This is a postcard from Australia. It says at the back:

“I guess Melbourne looks much like any other city, but the sunrise is pretty! Best Wishes, Carolyn.

I think this is a really pretty postcard.




This is another postcard from Australia. It was taken from the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain, Sydney of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Oprah House. Three places i’d love to visit someday.  I saw on the travel channel earlier this year that you can climb over the arch of this Bridge. I hope to some day conjure up the courage to that.


 This postcard is from Finland and I just think it’s adorable. This photo is entitled “The Hedgehog’s Hideout.”

I think it’s awesome.


To the right is a postcard from Valencia, Spain of a Flamenco Dancer. It’s my one and only with a Flamenco Dancer but I hope to collect more; as well as postcards with Bullfighters.




This postcard is from a pen pal in Japan. It says on the back:

“Geisha: Highly trained professional entertainer of Japan is seen with formal greeting posture, Kyoto.


To the right is a postcard from Athens, Greece. I very much hope to visit there someday.


This is my only postcard from India. Mumbai, India.


The sender writes: “The city of dreams. Really, it’s the financial hub of India. Cosmopolitan and a source of income to millions of people.”


The postcard to the right is from Ireland. it says at the back: “Trinity College, Dublin, was founded by Elizabeth the 1st in 1592. Amongst it’s most famous graduates are Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift and Bran Stoker. It is also home to the Book Of Kells, a priceless A.D. 800 Celtic manuscript. “ I dream of traveling, maybe even living in Ireland someday.


I’ll show you some more postcards tomorrow.

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