My Second Thanksgiving

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My Second Thanksgiving


            Well; yesterday was Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. We didn’t have lots of family or friends over because we don’t have lots of family and friends here; but just like last year, for my small family of three; it was a wonderful day.

            Last year; we were living in my mother-in-law’s apartment on the ground floor of this three-floor house. Thanksgiving Day; my husband and I took over the kitchen; my mother-in-law only cooked the turkey and we did everything else; dinner consisted of macaroni pie, sweet potato pie, rice, stuffing, toss salad, cole slaw, cranberry sauce (love it) and broccoli pie (our own special creation); then we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on t.v; we ate; took a nap and later we went to look at Christmas lights garnishing someone’s home that looked like a castle; it was dazzling; we tried to get pictures but my camera did not capture these images very well. So our first Thanksgiving was pretty simple; however it was one of my most peaceful days of the year 2007. I think I liked that day; much more than the Christmas day that followed 28 days later.

            Yesterday was pretty much similar with exception that we were cooking in our own kitchen in the apartment on the second floor; my husband made the turkey that looked and tasted great; we couldn’t do our special Broccoli pie because some of the ingredients were missing; my mother-in-law cooked the rice with black eyed peas; we didn’t go see lights or anything else for that matter and instead of napping we watched t.v; no not football. We watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade; a history channel documentary called “Home for the Holidays: the history of Thanksgiving”( we are from the Caribbean; we don’t have Thanksgiving Day there-in fact it’s an American holiday); Deck the Halls (Danny Devito, Matthew Broderick); A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and the first half of “Home Alone” (we got sleepy).

       Again; it was so simple and at first I thought about how we didn’t have anyone here other than each other to share this day of thankfulness with; then I realized having each other is a magnificent gift from God and that is more than enough. So my husband and I just hung out in each other’s arms and our two year old daughter who can’t sit still just did her own thing. Later that day I had the same sense of peace and happiness I did last Thanksgiving; it is the only day of the year I remember feeling that way.

            We had one little mishap; when my husband drop the sweet potato pie on the oven door; while trying to take it out; he managed to save some but not all of it; so I ended up having to cook two more sweet potatoes and making it over a little bit; the second and final draft of our Thanksgiving sweet potato pie came out better than the first. Our neighbors from the third floor passed through; got some food; talked a little and that was it; our second Thanksgiving in a nutshell. It was awesome.

            What else could we ask for but to have great food; be surrounded by the ones we love under our own roof and giving thanks for all our blessings.

            Thank you; oh Heavenly Father for blessing me with a wonderful day like yesterday and for another chance to live the good life today; in Jesus name. Amen.


If you read this from top to bottom; I’d be so thankful; if you comment; even with only one word.


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