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My Summer T.V

You know I love my T.V; what more can I say. If you like your T.V too; maybe we can talk. Here’s what I’ve been watching this summer (2008).


“The Bachelorette- Deanna Pappas” (ABC)

Yes, I do admit earlier this summer I contracted a serious case of O.C.D (Obsessive Compulsive Deanna; according to the early jilted Bachelor Ryan a.k.a the virgin).
I really loved this girl and wanted to know more about her; I love her personality; honesty; confidence; as well as her adventurous and open spirit; I love that she is close to her family and respectful of others. She is the epiphany of the kind of woman I desire to be and my daughters to grow up to be. So apart from falling head over heals in love with Deanna (never watched The Bachelor or Bachelorette before); I picked her Bachelor in the first five minutes; Jason the single and really sweet father from Seattle. Did you pick him too? So I followed their journey and loved all the moments the two shared together and I wanted her to pick him so badly. She didn’t.
The final rose went to Jesse; the Professional Snowboarder and a very great guy (the truth is the truth). That final rose ceremony broke my heart because I felt for sure she would choose Jason. It was like a surge of electric shock to the soul and my O.C.D was finally cured. I literally cried of disappointment. Anyway, I am over it now and I think Deanna made the choice to follow her heart and I am happy for her. She has a beautiful glow of love in her eyes. Never again will I allow myself to get so wrapped up in Reality T.V; especially with a system of falling in love that I do not support.

“The Mole” (ABC)

What a mystery; sort of like a televised game of “Clue.” The challenges in this game were a lot of fun to watch and I honestly had no idea who was the “Mole.” I totally thought it was Nicole. Did you think so too? I had a little crush on Alex, thought he was my kind of hot. And the winner is ……. Mark. Awesome, he totally deserves it. The best player was Nicole for sure (she fooled me, she fooled me good) and the “Mole” is Craig (he really, really, really fooled us all); what a fantastic Mole.

“The Middleman” (ABC Family)

Not your typical t.v show. It is quite funny and captivating. Do you think so? I really, really think the cheesy dialogue that often goes over my head; reminds me of the old school Batman of the 60’s; starring Adam West; but only slightly. These superheroes, bad guys and allies are like none you’ve ever seen before. I really like this shows characters and uniqueness.


“Wipeout and I survived a Japanese Game Show” (ABC)

Just plain good old entertainment; fun-filled challenges and wipeouts; interesting contestants and some folks goes home $250’000.00 (One Contestant in finale “Japanese Game Show”) or $50’000.00 (One Contestant each night “Wipeout”) richer and very-very happy.

“The Secret Life of the American Teenager” (ABC Family)

This is by far; my most favorite television drama this summer and of all time. It’s the birth child of writer Brenda Hampton (7th Heaven) and it is magnificent. Quality entertainment, thought provoking writing that’s not only excellent for teens to watch but great for parents and teens @ heart too. Love everything about it and I am glad to know it will return for a Season Two.


“Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” (TBS)

This summer was the count down to House of Payne’s 100th episode and I am so proud. The story unfolded charismatically and it had its really funny moments. The quality got better with every episode; as one could only expect from a master writer like Tyler Perry. The 100th episode revealed a soft-sweet surprise. This was a very nice closing to a chapter that started only a year ago. I am looking forward to chapter two.


“My Boys” and “The Bill Engvall Show” (TBS)

Not much to talk about here. I watched simply for the purpose of having something to watch on Thursdays. My Boys is pretty entertaining but The Bill Engvall Show is very funny. So they make okay Thursday night t.v.

Wednesdays and Thursdays:

So you think you can dance

This is my first season with this show. I like that this show tributes Dance in all its textures. In any given week you can experience a variety of Dance forms, extraordinary choreography, phenomenal dancers and pure raw talent. I love the Judges; they are a lot of fun to listen to; especially when Mary screams in Nigel’s ear. The season finale of this dance show was so much fun to watch; like a sweet goody bag with lots of yummy surprises.


The Monk and Psych (USA)

This is really awesome Friday night T.V; mystery and humor; unique characters, cases and crime-solving techniques. Simply love it.


Eli Stone- Season One reruns (ABC)

This is a great show. I like these kinds of stories; which tap into the mystery of life; how our journey connects to each other and there is a purpose for our life bigger than looking out for our own well-being. I love the character of Eli Stone and the characters around him. I am still astonished that the writers of this remarkable drama brought down the Golden Gate Bridge. I am looking forward to seeing Season Two.


In Plain Sight (USA)

At first I thought; whoa; what a carbon copy of Women’s Murder Club meet Saving Grace but by the fourth episode; I got to really like it in its own right. It was really captivating and I’ll be watching Season Two.

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