My thoughts on California Proposition 8 (2008)

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My thoughts on California Proposition 8 (2008)

What is Proposition 8?


Wikipedia Definition:


 Proposition 8 is a California State ballot proposition that would amend the state Constitution to restrict the definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman. It would overturn a recent California Supreme Court decision that had recognized same-sex marriage in California as a fundamental right. The official ballot title language for Proposition 8 is “Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry.” The entirety of the text to be added to the constitution is: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

The campaigns for and against Proposition 8 raised $35.8 million and $37.6 million, respectively, becoming the highest-funded campaign on any state ballot that day and surpassing every campaign in the country in spending except the presidential contest. The proponents argued for exclusively heterosexual marriage while claiming that failure to change the constitution would require changes to school curriculum and threaten church tax benefits. The opponents argued that eliminating the rights of any Californian and mandating that one group of people be treated differently from everyone else was unfair and wrong.



My Thoughts:


The question is; what should I believe in; where should my allegiance lie? I am a believer/Christian; I’m not Gay; I am young; maybe quite foolish and I am starting to realize how little I know and understand of this life, this world, this planet but I want to learn and I want to understand. I want to know what to fight for; what to tolerate and accept. I want to know and understand to what to say yes and what to say no. I want to make choices not for my religion; my friends; my mother; my father but for me; for the woman God created me to be; the woman with her own mind; her own emotions; her own perspective; her own understanding.

            So about homosexuality; I don’t have a strong opinion or a strong desire to convert a homosexual into a heterosexual God-fearing “decent” member of society. Even though my “religion” says I should. The topic (homosexuality) came up in discussion earlier this year with a Christian friend of mine and I told her what I just told you; I don’t have a strong opinion on the matter; I am not for or against it; I don’t have a strong desire to change someone who is Gay and “fix them;” that’s not my ministry; I wouldn’t know how and I don’t know if I could.

            I told her; my religion does not permit me to believe in homosexuality and I don’t but I do believe in love; I am not sure if I could look someone in their face and tell them that what they love and who they love is wrong. I can’t do it. I can’t imagine someone saying to me that I can’t love who I love; it’s not right.

            About same-sex marriage; how do I feel about that? If I had to vote on it; yes or no; what would I do? How would I vote? What side would I choose? I am not sure. I don’t know the full extant of this Proposition or what would be the outcome for either side. I am not in California; I haven’t seen either argument but I believe none of us should force our lifestyles or beliefs on each other. America is a democratic country and people shouldn’t be forced to do what they don’t want to do or what they don’t believe in. I heard two arguments on the opposing side of Gay marriage; Christian Leaders say they could be sued if they don’t marry same-sex couples; I don’t think that’s right; it also said that same-sex marriages could be taught to our children in Schools without parents consent; I don’t think that’s right either but I do think children of this world; of this time; need to be taught the truths of this world; what’s really happening and don’t be like me; wake up at twenty-six years old and realize that you know less then 1% of what’s going on in the world around you. Knowledge is power and we need to be educated so that we won’t be taken advantage of and trampled on. So we know the difference between right and wrong and make it into Heaven.

            So what do I believe; I believe in love; acceptance; tolerance; faith; understanding; living to our fullest potential; letting our true self shine; I believe the absence of love is a bigger sin than any other sin out there. I believe the world has changed but it’s basically the same whether we like it or not. We have to know what we believe; we have to take control of what we teach our children; we have to love each other; respect our differences and work towards peace among brethren. I know, foolish naive me still have so much to learn.

            However; I believe it is God’s responsibility to judge us when we leave this earth; it is not my or your responsibility to judge or condemn people on this earth; we have to love them; accept them; respect them; reach out to them; teach them; let them go; forgive them. I believe God gave us the right as human beings to make our own choices of how to live and what we live for; and for as long as he has created the earth; man have been forcing their beliefs on each other.

            I know these are strong words and really, I know; I don’t know anything at all but I want to learn and I want to understand; I want to know for what to fight; what to say yes to and what to say no; what to tolerate and where to draw the line. I will pray God gives me an understanding of this life; this world; this planet; this universe and that he gives me a true and deep understanding of his word and of myself. Meanwhile; I don’t choose a side; I choose love.


Here is a poem I would like to share with you; that i wrote as a young teen many years ago.


The Absence of Love

They think I should hate you

Because you choose to be different

They think the choice you made

Makes you a sinner


I don’t know maybe you are

Maybe you are not

Who am I to judge you?

Simple little me


How can I sit there and point out

the stick in your eye?

When I might have a log in mine


If you are a sinner

I will love you still

If you are a saint

I will love you still


For the absence of love

is far more sinful than who you are

And what you choose to do

It’s not my place to be judgmental of you


Here is a video with Keith Olbermann from MSNBC making a special comment on Prop 8.

(This video made me cry)



Here is funny commentary from Wanda Sykes (mad funny) on the Ellen Degeneres Show about Prop 8 (P.S- I love to watch the Ellen Show)

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  1. Marcella January 14, 2010 at 2:46 am - Reply

    Your article was interesting. Sounds like you’re in search of answers. I was not too impressed by Keith Oberman’s phoney tears and confused thoughts on the matter. Somewhere in the midst of all that flurry, people have decided to give their own definition of marriage. But God who instituted marriage says, in the context of summarizing the giving of Eve to Adam said, ” . . . therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave only to his wife and they shall be one flesh.” Genesis 2:24 By the way, someone said God did not say this to “Adam and Steve, but to Adam and Eve.” God actually created man and woman to fulfill this biologically. For the same sex to come together in marriage it takes a distortion of the natural order. “Love” is not a feeling. Love is seeking the highest good for the other. There is much that could be said on this matter. Take care.

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