(Not) Sunday Show ‘n’ Tell -April Week 2

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(Not) Sunday Show ‘n’ Tell -April Week 2

Blessed Sunday

Okay. So it’s not Sunday. I’m late, but I still wanted to share last week’s mommy adventures anyway. One of the things I really appreciate about being a SAH, homeschooling, homemaking mom is the little adventures I get to experience with my family week after week. It’s not a fancy or fabulous (by the world’s standards) life, most of these adventures I have in my pajamas with unwashed hair, but the memories created from my perspective are priceless.

I love trying new recipes or arts & craft activities with my kids. I love learning something new or tasting something delicious that I have never tasted before. I love seeing something I’ve never seen before or experiencing a new experience. I love creating- a blog post, a meal, a poem, big ideas or anything else I have the privilege of creating.

This week I have two weeks worth of Show ‘n’ Tell pictures of my little imperfect adventures, due to the fact I did not publish Sunday Show ‘n’ Tell last Sunday. Last week, my husband and I took a road trip to Connecticut and ate at this really cool diner called Dish ‘n’ Dat, I also ate Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s ice cream for the first time, believe it or not. I had some kitchen adventures too, made Marshmallows for the first time, among other things. My daughter dyed some hard boil eggs for breakfast and so much more.

How did we spend our Easter? Well, my little one (6 months) was dedicated to Lord and we had a fun family Easter Egg hunt at home after Church. Life’s simple but fun adventures.

Let the sharing begin!

Road Trip


Loved my experience at Dish ‘n Dat, Canton, CT- The atmosphere was awesome, the service was friendly and the food was great- see below…


There was so much fabulously, delicious choices on the menu, but I was in the mood for a breakfast lunch, so I ordered the above. Was really surprised by the size of my plate. Just so you know, the food really was great. My husband tried a Bison Burger.

Spoons on the Wall

I found the decor fascinating, especially this wall covered in a very large number of spoons, which I was told by a gentleman, who may have been the owner that each spoon was hand glued by him and another guy, maybe the co-owner. It took them a while but the outcome was worth it.

Ice Cream

Believe it or not. After eating most but not all of my scrumptious breakfast lunch, I went to Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s next door and had two scoops of ice cream (saved room), which my husband helped me finished. Can’t remember the names of the ice cream I tried but they were good. I do think I prefer Coldstone Ice Cream though.


artistic fun

Art Project

Found this cool bee and ladybug template from Bible Fun For Kids, which made a fun, cut-out & glue art project for my 5 year old son. He very much like to do art projects like this.

Art Project 2


The bee was a very simple template and he managed to do the most of the gluing & cutting with very little assistance.

Lady Bug

The Ladybug was a little more intricate in it’s cut-out shape, so I did the cutting out and he did the gluing. I kind of unintentionally made a little tweak to the template’s intended design as my daughter pointed out to me. If you can’t tell, don’t worry about it.

Inspired by bee template


Kitchen Adventures

My daughter (8 years old) has been taking a real interest in the kitchen, lately she practically asks me to cook breakfast every morning. I think that is terrific and i’m very proud. This week I introduced her to another breakfast meal to add to her growing breakfast portfolio.

Pizza Breakfast

Pizza bread! Kind of an atonement for not letting her tackle real pizza dough by herself that particular morning. She is quite the ambitious kid. God give me strength.

Brfast Egg Toast

I was really impressed with her egg toast that she did here.

Easter Eggs

Here she dyed some hard boil eggs for an Easter breakfast.


Marshmallow Collage

My kitchen adventures last week was making homemade marshmallows. Which is something I did not know you could do.


Found this Marshmallow recipe at Raising Memories. The ingredients you need are sugar, corn syrup, confectionery sugar, vanilla essence (accidentally picked up almond) and Knox Gelatine (found it at Target- supermarket-baking section). The recipe was easy to follow, got my kids involved in the fun.

homemade marshmallows

The marshmallows came out great. I went with the almond essence, to see how it would turn out. It is little stronger than vanilla, but still not too bad. My son (5 year old) and husband loved them. My daughter doesn’t like marshmallows and my homemade marshmallows did not change her mind.


Inspired by homemade marshmallows

Happy Birthday

Here is a pic of my toddler blessing having fun at a birthday party. I love to see my children have fun.

Blessings to you

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  1. Karren Haller April 14, 2015 at 9:29 am - Reply

    The Pizza Bread sounds good, I have never thought to just use a slice of bread to make a personal Pizza.
    Have a great day!

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