Picture This with Ashley Tisdale

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Picture This with Ashley Tisdale

As far as Chick Flicks go; this would pass for a very good one. I like the story, the characters and the actors who portray them. It is good heart-warming entertainment for those of you, who are like me, that love happy endings and simply sweet love stories.

I like the idea that an average pretty girl, not the cheerleader or the band geek, but the girl smack-dab between popular and invisible, can win the heart of the cutest and most popular guy in school, just by being herself and being honest with him 99 % of the time . I want to and I do believe something like that could happen, as long as the handsome prince in the story has a good head on his shoulders and see beauty as more than skin deep or a girl’s popularity status.

I won’t say this movie will trigger a great big “WOW” or that it is so compelling you just can’t stop obsessing about it but I would say it did achieve any movie’s most basic goal, which is to entertain its audience and I would buy the DVD. It’s a lovely feel-good movie if you just need to curl up on the couch and relax in front of the t.v, not too much drama but just enough to keep you excited and wondering what’s going to happen next.

They are really some interesting things that happen while the lead character, played by Ashley Tisdale (HSM alumni), pursue love, happiness and liberty. You’ll love the journey to this happy ending.

Here is what Ashley says about her new movie:

“When I read the script for Picture This, I just fell in love with the lead character Mandy, this goofy, unpopular, girl next door who knows what she wants, but isn’t willing to sacrifice who she is to get it,”

“Mandy’s real and I think a lot of kids will relate to that. It reminds me a lot of when I was in high school. I wasn’t really in the popular group, but I wasn’t in the nerdy group. I was somewhere in the middle, too.”


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