President Barack Obama, The Devil We Know

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President Barack Obama, The Devil We Know

I’m no authority on politics. Really I’m not. So why would I write anything at all about it. I guess because it’s my blog and what better place to share your your perspective on things, whether they be wrong or not, than your blog.


I wish I could wrap my head around politics and have strong opinions on the matter, but honestly I was never taught to be interested, so I never really learned anything about it.


As a child the only thing I knew about politics was that the President was Bill Clinton and I liked him, because he seemed like a very nice man. I still think he seems like a very nice man but when news on the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, it was my first lesson that people are not always who they seem.


Life has taught me that none of us are black and white, good or evil, we are just human beings who sometimes make good choices and sometimes really bad ones. We give into our feelings and desires sometimes when we shouldn’t. I don’t claim to know anyone, because I know that no one knows me, the real me. They just know what they see and just like a work of art, they interpret it based on their own way of thinking. So how others see me is more than likely not who I really am. So I am sure how I see people could not possibly be an accurate description of who they are, what they will do or what they stand for.


So for me, where politics is concerned, how do I know the truth and who is the right person for the job. Politics makes my head spin and I feel so dizzy I can’t see straight. At this stage in the election process, it is a lot of pointing figures, to every candidate their opponent is practical evil and they are the angel who’ll save the day. In my opinion, I think all parties are guilty of exaggerating and stretching the truth,  and from what I have seen no candidate has stood apart from that.


Like I said I am no authority on the matter but I guess that’s the name of the game. In terms of choosing a President, I don’t know which one is the better man, but I do believe in my heart who’d make a better leader.


Even though, I can not say I have agreed with everything that the Obama administration has stood for, I think President Obama is a good president and doing a good job, considering the miracles he was expected to perform in four years. I think he is an excellent speaker and has the ability to inspire people and to me getting people to believe in their own power is a large part of the battle won already.


I feel as though, considering where the President has come from in his life, he understands what it is like to be poor and forgotten, middle class and struggling. I think he wouldn’t forget us. I think most of us are frustrated and feel forgotten and would like to put the blame on the government, but with so much decisions needed to be made daily and so much people to think about, can we really expect the government to hold our hands and make it all better. We have to fight to live, fight to survive, fight to not be forgotten.


My question is, do you really feel that Mitt Romney would be a better President for this country and middle class America, I honestly don’t think so, but what do I know. It is just a gut feeling. So I’m paying attention and I am hoping America chooses the devil they know.


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