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Random Goodies

It’s the little moments that tie the big moments together and make life a wonderful blessing. You sit there and you look around and you think to yourself, wow, I am so fortunate. Fortunate to have these people in my life, to have my home, to have the ability to laugh or cry, to have the strength to fight those that come up against me or simply to have woken up another morning. Well, I can at least say that about my life. My life is far from perfect, I have my struggles just like everyone else has theirs, but they are these simple little precious moments that make all my struggles fade away, at least for a little while.


My daughter

My daughter is only two years old and she is so smart, funny, brave, adventurous, loving, respectful, flexible, and so much more. She is not perfect either but she is a blessing to our lives. Yesterday, my daughter did something so funny I peed myself laughing. My husband bought her this remote control truck a while back; so he took it out of her closet as well as the remote; as soon as my daughter saw the remote; she started to scream and run away; never the less, this did not stop her father from driving the truck towards her and chase her with it; she ran all over the apartment trying to get away from it; then she eventually jumped on her bed; at this point she decided she had enough; got off the bed; took the remote from my husband; put it back in the closet; then she picked up the truck; went to the closet; put it in and closed the doors; and that was the end of that. It was such a stellar and hilarious moment; my talent for writing still won’t be enough to capture its true essence. I laughed so hard I peed my pants and leaked tears. Money couldn’t buy me a moment like this.


My Breakfast

I took a picture of my breakfast yesterday. It wasn’t anything spectacular; just a medium boil egg (I was going for hard-boil), apple and celery sticks, peanut butter (as dip), toast with slice cheese and a cup of milk. So what’s the big deal? Well, for me it’s just a representation of how I have never gone hungry a single day since I let the lord whole-heartedly into my life and trust me they were long periods of time in the last three years, my husband and I had no money at all. Before, moving into our own apartment, I prayed every night; God will bless and take care of us when we got here and he has. Since we moved in our apartment, we have not had much money pass through our hands but our cupboards and fridge has never been bare, we have never gone hungry and my daughter has never had to do without. We have been blessed and no one on this Earth could convince me my God isn’t real because I have experienced his love, mercy and kindness for myself; I truly believe in the power of prayer and if after death I come to find out I was wrong and there isn’t a God; I would still not have a single regret on the way I lived my life. I’d rather be wrong this way, than right any other way.



Well; we missed our shot on going apple picking this weekend, not on purpose but my friend and upstairs neighbor didn’t want to tell us until she knew for sure they were going. Unfortunately, she waited so last minute to tell us that when she finally tried to we weren’t at home. So later that evening, she came down and shared half her apples with us; this was pretty cool. I am going to maybe make apple pie or jam over the weekend; I have to get the recipe online. I think it was meant to be; if it was our destiny to go; nothing in the world could get in our way. So I’ll brush it off; there is always next autumn; if God spare our lives.


Over the Weekend: Shopping

Over the weekend we were blessed with a little spending money and instead of keeping it for a rainy day like the more cautious folks; we went shopping. Not for foolishness though but a few things to make this apartment a home and to make our lives a little more joyful and comfortable. Saturday; we went to Target and bought a few things; we bought a story book called “I love you so much” (so I can start reading to my daughter); a meditation C.D called “Lifescapes-Relax and Unwind-Calming sea” (to calm the craziness inside my head); a really comfortable $30.00 chair for my daughter’s room; odds and ends here and there; and my husband sneaked a Christmas C.D I really wanted in the shopping cart, cashed it and everything and I hadn’t notice till I got home and was emptying the shopping bag; it was “A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas” by Kristin Chenoweth (who plays Olive in Pushing Daisies). We went home; cooked and ate Burgers. It tasted great.

            Sunday, the day we missed out on apple picking; we went to a Family Dollar store and we got some more Venetian Blinds; some art work for the walls (Bathroom); a rug for my daughter’s room, a $5.00 toaster and odds and ends here and there. You know what; I some times wish we had a lot of money so we could get everything we needed for the apartment all at once; but I think I prefer it this way; we’ll appreciate our blessings so much more. Until next time; have a day filled with goodies and little moments



I am going to get Breakfast. Feel free to comment.



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