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Random Tidbits

I am sorry; I haven’t blogged in a long time. Are you mad? I have an excuse. I have been nauseous and tired for the last three months. Walking from my living room to the bathroom has been a chore. So sitting at the computer, trying to think of something to write; just wasn’t going to happen.

            On the bright side; I went for my first ultrasound yesterday; it was the clearest picture I have ever seen of an ultrasound. The last one I had was in the Caribbean and of course the technology here is more advance. Anyway, I saw his or her heartbeat, their little features (lips, nose, etc), I saw him/her move; I was blown away and happy to see him/her kicking. I pray for his/her good health and growth. I’ll try my best to do my best to be my best during this pregnancy.

            Saturday, was the third youth meeting in my Church, which I attended; the eighth I planned a program for and the fourth we actually had attendees. I missed one of those four meetings due to first trimester sickness. Anyway, I am feeling really enthusiastic about this new venture. The youth and meeting attendees really seem to enjoy the activities I planned and personally, I have confidence in my ability to do this well and make a difference, with God as my guide of course.

            Over the Easter weekend; my daughter went Easter egg hunting at the Church and she really had a splendid time and that made me feel great. Those are the mommy moments that you just have to love. A friend of ours, bought her an adorable pink, floral dress to wear to Church that Sunday and she was so excited, she felt like a princess (no, she doesn’t get to wear much dresses). She made a few of us; chase her around the Church, because she didn’t want to sit still at all, she probably wanted to show-off her new dress. That Sunday, she did the “darndest” and a bit naughty things, but it was so hysterical, I could not help myself, I burst out laughing at the things this two-year old could think to do, to elude us. She is quite intelligent, you know. I am very proud of her.

            I watched the season finale of Chuck (NBC) yesterday. Awesome! If they cancel this show, I would be majorly pissed off and I swear, I’m going to boycott television. If they do bring it back, I can’t wait!

            I also think some reality t.v judges could be some real egotistical jackasses sometimes and let me put it this way. I have only been watching one reality show this spring and its “Dancing with the Stars,” however, the same thing goes for shows like “American Idol,” I was so not in the mood for Simon, this season. My favorite reality t.v judges are definitely, the ones from “So you think you can dance.” They aren’t unnecessarily mean.

            They are pulling down some trees next door to me; I personally think they should be a law, just like with the Christmas trees, for every tree you pull down, you have to plant another one some where else. What do you think? We need trees just a badly, as we need houses and buildings. I hope people remember that, especially on scorching hot summer days.

            One last thing, my daughter actually attempted to use the potty on her own this morning (she’s not potty trained yet); unfortunately, it was after she had already poo poo in her diaper. Never the less, I was very proud of her enthusiasm.

            Have a great day, until I find the time and energy to do this again. I hope they aren’t too many errors. I’m beat, Gotta go!


P.S-That Swine Flu issue is a little scary. Remember to say your prayers. Pray for protection and guidance, among other things.

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