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Here are some reviews I wrote a while back but never got around to posting:

High School Musical 3: Senior Year Movie 


You know when you hear a song for the first time; some songs, they grab you right away and you know for sure you love them; and then there are other songs you listen to and it doesn’t catch you right away but you listen to it over and over a few times and then you’re hooked. Well; I am hoping that will soon be the case; where my opinion of High School Musical 3 is concerned. I really liked High School Musical and I absolutely loved High School Musical 2 but I am not at all sure; whether I love, liked or thought the third edition of that franchise was just okay.

            I am actually very surprised that I get to review this movie at this time; I was certain that I’d have to wait for the DVD; because I had no one to go to the theater with; luckily; I went with my pen-pal visiting from Japan (how cool is it to say that) and I thought since music is an universal language; taking her to see a musical; especially with a sexy cast her age (she’s nineteen); I can’t go wrong. She loved it.

            For me; I am not really sure how I feel about it; I mean the musical numbers; choreography and creativity were okay. The cast are so easy on the eyes; don’t tell my husband; but I have a little crush on Corbin Bleu and would put his poster on our walls; if he’d let me.

            This movie just reminded me that I am not a teen anymore; I am all grown-up now and that time of our lives is becoming un-relatable for me (scary); I think in a way; I am also a bit jealous of these teens; now at their crossroads and having the time of their lives. I can’t 100% say the same for me, when I was there. I am not sure now, that I used that time wisely. However, setting all emotions aside (if that’s even possible for me); I wasn’t in love with the music as much as I was with the previous HSM movies. I really think that they were way too many lovey-dovey scenes with Gabriella and Troy (not jealousy speaking here, I swear); after a while; it’s like enough already. Plus there really isn’t that much chemistry among the couples; it all felt like just acting to me. I don’t know why there was so much emphasis on the three new characters Tiara Gold; Jimmie Zara and Donny Fox; if it was so we’d fall in love with them and yearn to see them in HSM4; it didn’t do that for me. However; they were a couple of scenes with the character Jimmie that were cute; maybe a little funny. They were a’ight; but they didn’t add to the movie in my opinion.

            I am not being a hater; as most movie critics and reviewers often are; I love HSM and it’s cast; I am going to miss them when they go their separate ways; I felt very sentimental during the Graduation scene at the end but life goes on; we all have to grow up; whether we like it or not. I am looking forward to seeing all these great actors in the future and I am looking forward to seeing their growth. Meanwhile; I’ll watch this movie again, when it comes out on DVD and see what I think then.  


Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Movie

What perfect timing for this movie to come out on DVD. It’s a great family film with an excellent cast portraying a variety of quirky characters. Set in the early years of the Great Depression; we follow; Kit (Abigail Breslin); a 10 year old aspiring journalist; her kind parents (Julia Ormond and Chris O’Donnell); her friends; and boarders; a dance instructor looking for love; a magician; a mobile Liberian (who is a horrible driver) and others. With all that is happening in the world today; especially with the economy; this movie reminded me how significantly blessed I am. This was a really enjoyable film of dreaming, believing, hope, determination, courage, persistence and togetherness. This is a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who enjoys inspiring and enjoyable family movies. Watch and be reminded that no matter how bad things get we are very fortunate in this time; we have each other and hope. 


Iron Man Movie

I think Robert Downey Jr; whom I have always been a fan of many of his movies; did an excellent job as Tony Stark; a wealthy weapons manufacturer; he was compelling and funny. Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane was the villain in this movie and boy was he a villain. Terrence Howard was alright as Col. James “Rhodney” Rhodes, nothing to scream about but I heard they are going to replace him in the sequel with Don Cheadle, I’m sure he’ll do much better (don’t get me wrong, I do love Terrence but in this movie he lacked his usual “The Best Man” type charm).

Anyway; Tony Stark makes an armored suit to save his life after finding himself in a life-threatening situation. After witnessing first hand what his weapons can do when in the wrong hands; he decides he doesn’t want to produce weapons anymore; his business partner doesn’t like that very much and would stop at nothing to destroy anyone who get in his way; including Tony Stark. A battle ensues. What can I say about this movie? It’s very entertaining for those who like action, humor and suspense. Would make an excellent holiday present; a great gift combo would be with Iron Man and Hancock; even better would be to add “The Incredible Hulk” to the mix. Good movie. This is great entertainment for a movie night.


 Kristin Chenoweth – A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas


 This is my first Christmas product purchased for the season and the year. When I bought it I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into; even though I was some what familiar with Kristin’s voice; from the movie “RV” and t.v series “Pushing Daisies;” I had no idea; if I would like this album or not; I just knew I am a big fan of hers and Christmas; so why not buy her Christmas album. 

            When I pressed the play button on the C.D player; I knew it was going to be alright and I didn’t waste a dime; not that I thought I’d be disappointed anyway but you just never know. It’s jazzy; smooth; fun; joyful; sweet; enjoyable and Christmassy; if you love Christmas and traditional Christmas music then there is no reason you won’t like it.

            It sounds like an exquisite Broadway musical soundtrack. I love the song choice for this album; “I’ll be home for Christmas,” “Christmas island,” “The Christmas Waltz;” “Do you hear what I hear;” “ Sleigh Ride/Marshmallow;” “Sing;” “ Silver Bells;” “Come on ring the bells;” “What child is this;” “Home on Christmas Day;” “Born on Christmas day;” and finally “Sleep well little children/what a wonderful world.”

            Picking a favorite on this album will not be an easy task but if I had to it would definitely be Kristin’s take on the inspirational and beautiful Sesame Street classic “Sing.”

I think it really is a lovely way to spend Christmas indeed and it would make an awesome gift; a good combo would be to add the holiday 2006 movie “Deck the Halls;” which Kristin also co-stars.

 Kristin Chenoweth-Sing 

I Love you so much: Book written by Marianne Richmond


I love children’s books; especially books that speak to the spirit and confidence of a child. It is my desire to write children’s books for such a thing as reminding children how special they are no matter what; despite their imperfections and the mistakes they make; they are forever loved and are so precious. That’s what this book is about. The poem is absolutely uplifting and I will treasure its kind and loving words; this is the kind of poem we need to read to our children every night before they go to sleep or at the very least once a week to remind them how loved they are. This is a wonderful book about love and it has very beautiful illustrations. I would not only read it to my children; I would read it to my heart and mind to remind myself of God’s love for me and the love I should have for myself. I think it’s another wonderful holiday gift for children and adults alike. This treasured gift would fit perfectly in the hands of folks in need of a reminder that no matter what; every single one of us is special and loved in the unlimited and forgiving way describe in the book. This book is a new-found favorite for me and I hope for you too.

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