R.I.P David Carradine

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R.I.P David Carradine



Read some sad news on the net this morning; actor David Carradine has passed away at 72 years old. I mean dying is a part of life and at that age one expects their check out time to catch up with them sooner than later; but it is the way he died that saddens me.

            He was found dead in Bangkok, Thailand; early Thursday morning with a rope around his neck and apparently he was naked; police believe it was suicide; others believe it was murder.

             I don’t know David Carradine the man; barely know David Carradine; the actor; but I can tell you this, based on the pieces I have seen and heard of the man and the actor; he doesn’t strike me as the type who’d take his own life; but I guess given the right circumstance and emotions, anyone can be driven to suicide; that’s why I say: God first; everything else after and in time wounds would heal. If it was suicide; my question is why? He was apparently shooting a movie, so he wasn’t out of work, he was 72 years old, a man who has lived; who knows that nothing last forever; so why kill himself; I don’t believe it for a second; but you just never know.

            Suicide or murder; I guess we may or may not find out sooner or later. I know David Carradine from two very awesome roles in which I loved him. I know him as Shaolin monk Kwai Chang Caine in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues; which I use to watch as a young girl every Saturday night; I didn’t even know they had an original Kung Fu series at the time. I also thought he was pretty cool as really bad guy Bill in Kill Bill Vol.2, not the better out of the two fantastically artistic action flicks by Quentin Tarantino.

            What a sad ending. David Carradine 1936-2009.



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