So You Think You Can Dance, Season Eight

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So You Think You Can Dance, Season Eight

This Eighth Season of “So You Think You Can Dance” is filled with the most talented top 20 dancers I have ever seen on this show. Every week it’s like you don’t really want to see anyone go because they are so good. I have already lost two favorites that I would have like to see more of, Hip-Hop Dancer Robert and Tap Dancer Nick.

I thought some of the guest Judges this year, seemed like strange choices to judge this kind of dance show and even though they are funny chicks ( Megan Mullally, Debbie Reynolds, Kristen Chenoweth) and it was funny at times to listen to their input. I thought they did not really have anything useful to say that could help cultivate the dancers, kind of like Ellen as Judge on American Idol.

I am so glad Mary Murphy and the Top 20 is back this season, I truly missed them both last Season, but I am glad the show is going half and half, keeping both the Allstar edition of the show and the Top 20. I don’t really have a favorite to win as yet, but whoever does ultimately win will deserve it because they are all incredible dancers. I can also say, I think the lone Broadway dancer  on the show Jess has a real Broadway/movie star power about him, as do Robert and Nick (both eliminated). They are all round entertainers. I also think Tadd, Jordan and Sasha are awesome. I think Clarice is very beautiful, and Marko and Melani make a great coupling. What do you think?

Robert "Woo Man" Taylor Jr

Nick Young

Clarice Ordaz

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