Summer Fun 2012 – A Photo Journal – A Day at the Zoo

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Summer Fun 2012 – A Photo Journal – A Day at the Zoo

Did you see the movie The Zookeeper? I saw a piece of it, couldn’t make it to the end though, it was incredibly hard to watch. Smart people doing nonsensical things and getting themselves in dumb situtions isn’t my idea of funny. Anyway, my point is that that movie was filmed at our zoo and by our zoo I mean the zoo my family visits all the time; and it looks nothing like it did in the film. The real sole lion at that zoo looks old and tired, like he is just waiting to die. Often when we visit he is just lying around taking a nap. The only animals at that zoo that looks like they still have life in them are the Zebras and the Giraffes. Okay, they are other interesting animals here or there.

Anyway, the zoo recently did some renovations and added new attractions. When we went to the zoo the last time, we didn’t get to see much of the animals, but there were so many other things to enjoy there this summer, that the kids had a blast. The new kids playground was phenominal and had things in there for both my kids (6 and 2). We enjoyed the butterflies in the Butterfly Landing section. We tried to feed the birds but they were so many people at the zoo that day that the birds were just to full to eat. Watching my kids have fun made me have fun. So here are some pics from that very fun day.







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