Summer Movies I’d go to the Theater to watch and the ones i’d wait for the DVD!

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Summer Movies I’d go to the Theater to watch and the ones i’d wait for the DVD!

Just so you know, my favorite types of movies are fun, funny, heart-warming, romantic, adventurous, epic, dramatic (if good story – not boring) and sometimes an action movie here or there depending on the story line, for instance, I loved A-Team, Independence Day, The Bourne movies, etc.

I do not like crude humor or just plan dumb comedies that causes you to lose some of your IQ, hence not really a Will Ferrell or Sacha Baron Cohen fan. I can borderline tolerate Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler; once again, it depends on the storyline.

I like Family, Epic, Adventures, Animations, Comedies (esp. Romantic Comedies), Romance, Musicals and Dance Flicks.


So here’s what i’d go see in the Theater this summer:

The Avengers
Actually I did go to the theater to see this one and I give it five stars; best movie ever and best cast ever. I thought it had a bit too much blah, blah, blah in the beginning before it picked up, but when it picked, wow.

There was one particular scene in this film with The Hulk vs Loki, that is simply unforgetable, the term “puny God” will be quoted for years to come. This is one summer flick, I can 100 % guarantee you would not regret going to see, but hey, what  do I know, I also absolutely loved “The Last Airbender” (not very well received by the masses).

Snow White and The Huntsman
It looks like it might be an interesting Epic-adventure to watch; Snow White’s tale with a dark and unusual twist. I am not a big Kristen Stewart fan and don’t think of her much as a fair beauty but the movie still should make for good entertainment.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted
It looks like a lot of fun; a great movie for the whole family to go see. I know for sure that I highly enjoyed the last two Madagascar movies. In the trailers I love to see Marty the Zebra (voiced by Chris Rock) do his “Afro Polka dot Circus” routine, it always makes me smile. Looks like a movie I’d enjoy watching with the kids.

What can I say I am a sucker for Disney princess movies and as always in recent times, this particular Disney princess looks like a very strong and courageous young woman. She looks like the kind of princess I’d like my daughter to look up too. The trailers don’t really give many details of what this princess’ story is actually about, but it looks adventurous and I often trust the Disney brand to tell the kind of stories that are safe for my children to watch. So yeah, this is definitely a movie I’d take my little princess to see


Madea’s Witness Protection
I think this might be one of the best Madea films ever made and I haven’t seen it yet. I just got that feeling. It looks funny and it has a funny cast. I can’t wait to see it. It might be just the funny flick I need to help keep this summer happy and gay.


Ice Age 4: Continental Drift
My love for the Ice Age brand has been a bit up and down since its inception. I liked the first and second movie but the third one, not so much. However I do like the additional cast in this one. I think it might just be interesting, even funny; but I may just wait for the DVD to find out.


Step Up: Revolution
Straight off the bat, I can tell that the acting quality is poor from what I’ve seen in the trailer, and I don’t know if the dance scenes will be anything to freak out about, but I love dance movies, and have really liked the shock and awe dance routines in past Step-Up movies. So I’ll just have to see how this one pans out.


Other Movies That Look Somewhat Interesting but i’ll Wait Till They Come Out on DVD

I am not really that interested in the movie itself, as much as I am curious about Jordin Sparks acting debut, and Whitney Houston’s final curtain call, I am really glad she got to do this movie before she left us to remind us that she was more than the sum of her mistakes.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
I think it looks like an interesting film. I really like to watch Dev Patel; he has a charisma I like. There is a quote in the trailer that really makes me smile; it goes “Things always work out in the end … and if they haven’t worked out yet, it’s not the end.” Love it.


The Amazing Spider-Man
I don’t know why but I could care less if I see this movie or not, I guess it is because we’ve been there already, and Andrew Garfield is not an actor that interest me. Nevertheless, if the opportunity presented itself, I’d watch it on DVD, it probably would be entertaining.


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