T.V Reviews – The Mentalist “If It Bleeds, It Leads” and Castle “Swan Song”

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T.V Reviews – The Mentalist “If It Bleeds, It Leads” and Castle “Swan Song”

Last night I watched two of my Tivo recordings of T.V shows that showed this week; they are The Mentalist and Castle. Both episodes had something worth posting about.


The Mentalist – Season 5- Episode 7 “If It Bleeds, It Leads”

First of all, The Mentalist introduces a new bad guy, a very evil one for that matter, which unfortunately got away with his crimes when last night’s episode ended. I wanted to put my hand through the t.v and kill him myself.


This week Patrick Jane was very obsessive and distracted by trying to figure out how to break Lorelei Martins, a woman who knows Red John, out of a Maximum High Security Federal Prison. This week, Patrick Jane was practically out of the picture in regards to the case, that annoyed the heck of me, because I think this was a case thatLisbonneeded him most, confronting a new kind of depraved evil.


Honestly, I really don’t know who is worst, Multi-Millionaire Tommy Volker (the new bad guy I was talking about played by Henry Ian Cusick) or Red John. Honestly, I’m more scared of the former. The victim in this case was a Reporter who was about to print a story regarding our millionaire’s massacre of an entire tribe in the Amazon Rainforest to further a multi-million dollar geothermal project.


Tommy Volker’s assistant Amanda reluctantly talks toLisbon, but doesn’t know enough to implicate her boss, she tellsLisbon, that she does not know what he is capable of and that she is afraid. I felt very annoyed thatLisboncould not offer her some kind of protection then and there, knowing that she could testify against him. I suspected that Amanda wasn’t going to make it at the end of this episode, but I could never have seen the way it was going to go down.


As Lisbon is calling Amanda on her cell phone, she is being strangled to death by the same man who finished off the Reporter at the beginning of this case, as his boss Tommy Walker looks on enjoying watching her take her last breath, this creep me out.


They made it look like a suicide by hanging and thatLisbonwas putting too much pressure on her.


As Lisbon is sitting on the front porch of Amanda’s house, feeling whatever emotions one would assume she’d feel in a situation like that, Tommy Walker, sits next to her with a sense of satisfaction on his face.Lisbonsays to him that he wouldn’t get away with this and he returns by saying “you really have no idea what is happening here…….enjoy your job while it last,” and he pats her on her leg and leaves.


Patrick Jane is no where insight. So what is going to happen in regards to this devil. We’ll have to wait and see, but I hope they get him and get him good and I hope the way in which they get him meets my satisfaction.


What makes me sad is knowing that this kind of evil is not just fiction, but these kinds of cold hearted people who have no regard for humanity truly exist. I hope they get him.



Castle- Season 5, Episode 7 -“Swan Song”


Castle on the other hand was not so depraved but quite stupid and unenjoyable. I actually couldn’t wait until the episode was finished.


The case was about a band called Holy Shemp, whose lead singer and guitarist James Swan was murdered by being hit on the head by his favorite guitar.


The whole episode was delivered in a behind-the-scenes style, as though cameras where following them everywhere. The story behind this was that the band was currently filming a documentary and when the biggest talent in the band is murder nobody would be interested in the film, of course, that is utterly ridiculous, because according to the director, they already had three months of footage and what could sell a film more than the last footage of a murdered musician.


Anyway, so he decides to seek out permission to film the investigation instead, this is unrealistically granted with ease. This gives the cast an excuse to do the most ridiculous things and show-off their assets throughout the entire episode. That got old for me within the first 10 minutes. I did not enjoy this episode of Castle at all.


It reminded me of an episode I watched from another one of my favorite shows, Leverage, Season 4, Episode 12, “The Office Job.” The least enjoyable episode of Leverage I’d ever watched.


Writers/T.V producers, please be advised, if you are trying to shake things up, this is not the way to go, it just seems plain lazy to me. Is it just me or have Castle’s episodes been a bit lame lately?


By the way, this episode had quite an interesting ending.

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