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T.V Tonight! (Wednesday)

So, what am I, Latisha, going to be watching tonight on the tube? Yeah, I know I watch too much t.v; nevertheless; Wednesday nights have proven to be the best t.v night so far this summer. There are five shows I set my DVR to record.

 wipeout-showWipeout (ABC)-  Wipeout is a fun, athletic reality show plus the laughter minus the drama and at the end of every single episode filled with entertainment, fun commentary and lots of laughs, one very lucky and very deserving contestant gets to take home $50’000. Awesome! Love it!


japaneseI Survived a Japanese Game Show (ABC)An also very fun; funny; athletic reality series plus the laughter and the drama; where contestants get to fly to Japan and compete in a hilariously challenging “only the Japanese could think of this” game show for a chance to win $250’000; only one competitor can win. I am routing for the underdogs of the season (Season Two) the Red Robots Team who haven’t won a single game so far and has already lost two of their teammates; the Green Tigers are A-holes/Jerks. I hope the Red Robots finally put them in their place tonight.  

 Tyler meet_the_browns-showPerry’s Meet the Browns (TBS)- As you all know I am an avid Tyler Perry supporter but more than that I really enjoy Meet the Browns. It’s hilarious; thanks for the most part to the main character Leroy Brown. He isn’t a badass like Madea but on the laughter meter he can certainly hold his own.


 So, yosytycdu think you can dance (Fox)- My favorite reality dance series; I love the choreography, the variety of dance styles, the judges, the concept, the quality of the dances and the young dancers trying to make it in the biz. It’s awesome entertainment for those who love the art of dance.

philanthropistThe Philanthropist (NBC)- I haven’t seen it yet; the pilot episode still remains in my things to watch list; but I am positive that I’ll like this show too. We’ll see. I’ll let you know.





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