Hello Friends2Good morning and happy Saturday to you. Thank you for joining me for another TGI Saturdays, I’m really happy you are here. I hope you are having a very blessed weekend so far and wish you many more blessings for the rest of the week and beyond. What have you been up to lately? Well, me, I am just trying to catch back up with my life.

I am in a whole new season and a whole new world. A life I have dreamed about but never knew until now. It’s weird when a dream comes true, you feel like you are still sleeping and somebody needs to pinch you to wake up. If you are an over thinker (like me), you may even wonder -what’s the catch.

There is much I want to share about what’s been going on in my life and my mind, but right now my brain feels like a jumbled mess, I need God to help me unravel the workings of my brain and find my way through the maze of this season to who I’m to become in this new life.

Sadly, I brought more baggage on this journey than I should have. So as work on shedding my unnecessary baggage and find my way to the new me, I hope you mingle and enjoy what’s in store today at TGI Saturdays, and forgive me for not be the engaged host I really would like to be.

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What's New At AskLatishaUsually for this section I simply share my latest post. Lately I have been struggling with my desire to write. I want to write, write something profound and thought provoking. I want to share what been up in my life, good and bad. I have been struggling with motivation to write, with focus and putting together what I want to say. I feel like a lost little puppy.

Last Saturday, while putting up TGI Saturdays #18, I stumbled on an article about Josh Duggar, that I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I hoped what I was reading was just another Duggar slanderous article, but as I continued to read, it seemed that what I was reading had truth in it. This drained me, I carried this grief (as one blogger called it) with me throughout the week. Why did this drain my spirit, I want to a share this with you in my post- Hope in a Hopeless World- Why the Josh Duggar Headlines Drained My Spirit.”

My husband and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary on May 21st and we weren’t able to do anything special (at all), but God blessed with a wonderful anniversary gift-our new home, which we would have officially lived in for a month tomorrow (Sunday), and guess what? We 98% unpacked and put away. Can you believe it?

There are still more things to do with the house, but it already feels like home sweet home. Last night I watched a really sweet Hallmark (I love Hallmark) movie about marriage with Candace Cameron called “Just the Way you are,” which I think it is a great movie for married couples to watch together. That would have probably been a nice movie to watch with my husband for our Anniversary night, since we didn’t get to do much that night.


God is worth the wait

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