TGI Saturdays # 21

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TGI Saturdays # 21

Hello Friends2Good morning and happy Saturday (or whatever today is) to you. I hope your week was blessed, mine was another treasured memory to add to my basket of treasured blessings and moments. This week my family spent some time with my dad, who is visiting from the Caribbean, my island of birth. Now daddy/grand-daddy/father-in-law time is soon coming to an end.

He will be leaving us in a few days, but what a treasured blessing it was to have him here. Father’s Day will be here next Sunday- June 21st, by then, my dad would be back home, but I was really happy that my kids got some time with Grandpa and I with my father and my husband with his father-in-law the week before we honor great fathers.

As far as fathers go, I always knew I had a good one. Unfortunately, my parents separated and divorced when I was six years old. My dad remarried shortly there after and my mom remarried a little while after him. I lived with my mom most my life and visited my dad some weekends and lived with him a couple of times in between.

Both my parents tried their best with us kids, using the cards life dealt them. Even though, I did not 100 % raise up with my dad, now as an adult I realized that he made the time he had with us count and he was there for life’s defining moments.

My dad is a family man and he works really hard and long hours to provide for his family. He loves the Lord and always gives good, sound biblical advice.

He taught me to use knife & fork, swim, iron clothes and more. He had two major talks with me in my adolescent years- that covered all the elements of growing up, including boys, once when I was thirteen and the other when I was fifteen. He drove me to my Secondary school (high school) graduation in a Rolls Royce and gave me my first camera as a graduation gift. He drove me to my first job out of school- I worked in a music store (my mom got me that job). He also drove me in that same Rolls Royce to my wedding and walked me down the aisle on my wedding day.

My dad isn’t perfect, but as far a dad goes, I have been blessed. As adults, my dad and I have had many conversations. He was the one God used in helping me through the worst season of my life- the year my son died (2011).

Now he is here, to share in some of the joy that comes when God opens supernatural doors and fulfill some of your heart’s desires, as He promised He would. My dad has something that my eldest son (5) and myself have. I don’t know what is the accurate term or description for it, but I call it an “obsessive brain.” We create a mission for ourselves, zone into a target goal and pursue this goal with fervor and persistence until this goal is reached. If you try to deter us from completing this task, our brains will remain unsettled and obsess about it, until this task is complete.

So when my dad arrived to our new home,  the mission he set for himself to complete was to help us clean, cut, trim, landscape our backyard, help us get our garden going and whatever else he could do to help fix up the property.

After a nice relaxing first weekend with my brother and his new wife joining us for the weekend, he got to work from Monday. For the last five days my dad worked hard, fast and long hours doing something he loves to do.

This week was a good balance of work, relaxation and bonding. I feel confident that the time was well spent. The backyard and the front yard of our home looks incredible and my dad managed to open up more usable land space.

My husband and I are so very grateful for our him and the treasured gift he gave us.

I thank God for moments like these and I thank God for wonderful fathers. I hope you treasure your father’s this week and hug your sons. Teach your sons to be God-fearing, men of honor, once you do that you keep families going strong.

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  1. Sharon @ Faith Hope & Cherrytea June 13, 2015 at 8:25 am - Reply

    delighted to find you via pinterest and have pinned your party as well – thanks for hosting!
    HapPy weekending :)

  2. Michelle June 13, 2015 at 9:57 am - Reply

    Sounds like a wonderful time with your father. Great memories for all. Just posted some posts to your party. Looking forward to this each week. Adding to my link party page. Have a great weekend!

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