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Happy Saturday to you. I hope you all is well with you and yours this blessed Saturday morning. I really hope you have a good week filled with many special memories, big or small.

My week was very interesting, God brought some of my recent worries and concerns to a resolution. As I know He always does. I got to experience another side of people that I don’t often get to experience. So thank you God for that.

Last Saturday, my husband and brother worked very hard on a beautiful pond in our backyard. It is something that my husband and I have been hoping for for a few years. Now we are here in this place to enjoy this beauty in this season. What a blessing.

This month is my daughter and I’s birthday month. My oldest daughter who I gave birth to 4 days before my 24th birthday will be turning 9 years old. Her birthday is August 24th. Praise be to God, I survived the hardest job I’ll ever have in my life for 9 years. I pray He helps me through the rest of my journey as her mother right down to my very last breath.

My 33rd birthday will be August 28th. I am thankful that I have made it this far, so many times I just thought I’m not going to make it, my life is over, but here I am.

I can’t believe that August is already half way through. Back when I was younger my birthday use to take forever to arrive. Now life keeps me so busy that the days just fly by. Nevertheless, in hopes to put my heart and soul in a place of celebration and thankfulness, I will be counting down to my birthday  with a series of “33 Blog Post,” no not 33 post (amount), I mean 33 themed post. So please check out some of these post below.

Birthday Mail

Drop me a line at latisha@asklatisha.com, if you would like to send me “happy birthday mail.” I love happy mail, it truly makes my day. I love postcards, greeting cards, penpal letters, souvenirs, local handmade or homemade (made by you) things. I love getting to know about the lives and hometowns of others. (Just sharing what I like, not begging for stuff). Happy Birthday mail would truly be a blessing to me, especially at this season of my life where I could use a little extra prayer and encouragement.

So blessings to you and have a blessed week ahead.


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Also please check out my latest blog post on AskLatisha. I am introducing a new blog series called “Art, Poetry & Inspiration Mondays,” where i’ll be sharing for each post art, poetry & inspirational quotes, bible verses, videos, etc on a particular topic, this week my topic is “Worry.” It also comes with a free printable.

Also please check out my first Sunday Show ‘n’ Tell that I have posted in months, this is a photo journal series, where I share pictures of my family’s experiences and creations. This week’s theme is “Happy Days of Summer Part 1.”



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