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Happy Saturday and happy August to you. I really hope your week was a joy, despite the challenges you may have experienced.

Well, believe it or not, the month of August and summer is coming to an end already. August is my second favorite month of the year, after December, because our family celebrates two birthdays this month. My daughter and mine.

I love birthdays and truly think birthdays should be celebrated in thankfulness for the gift of another year of life God has blessed us with. We made it pass our obstacles and challenges, we lived, experienced, accomplished and we are here to start another year of living. We should celebrate. We should celebrate every day of life and even more so every year.

My daughter’s birthday will be on Monday (24th) and she will be 9 years old. She is my oldest of my four kids and my only daughter. She is a very special person and it is my desire to raise her to be a powerful woman of God.

It is my desire to build a firm foundation of faith, wisdom, strength, hope, courage, gentleness, confidence and so much more in her.

I want to plant good seeds for her to sow and then plant in others. I pray God gives me the strength to do so.

This week was my kids last week of summer vacation and then they will be going to a new school on August 26th. This is my first time sending my daughter to school in the last three years. She was homeschooled from first-third grade, she did go to preschool and kindergarten. This is my first time sending my son to school ever. Why am I not homeschooling this year? Well, I wrote something about that, that I’d like to share with you. See the link below.

My 33rd birthday will be August 28th and I’m celebrating that too with a heart and soul filled with celebration and thankfulness, I will be counting down to my birthday with a series of “33” themed post, the links are below and this week I added two new ones – 33 of my Favorite Things and 33 Movies I Love to Watch.

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And just in case you weren’t able to grab one of my latest word search, click on any pic below to download a free word search of choice.

Please feel free to enjoy this new colored A Girl’s Life word search, I created in honor of my beautiful girl’s birthday. She already did it and found every word on her own except “red.”

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