TGI Saturdays # 41- Have a Happy and Safe Halloween or Whatever….

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TGI Saturdays # 41- Have a Happy and Safe Halloween or Whatever….

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Happy Saturday (or whatever today is) and blessings to you! How has your week been? Hope it went well and you conquered any obstacles that tried to get in the way of you accomplishing God’s best (and yours).

Well, if it’s Saturday Oct 31st (in the U.S.A) when you are reading this, then you may or may not have Halloween on the brain big time or a teensy bit.

For Christian families (like my family) Halloween is a bit more of a debated topic, should we or shouldn’t we, how should we, etc. If you know what I mean.

So are you and if you are, how are you taking part in this holiday?

Well, if you research the history of Halloween, it was initially a Christian holiday, at least that’s what I read. Halloween was just slang for “All Hallow’s Eve,” which was the day before “All Saint’s Day,” a day to honor all saints (including the ones who didn’t have a day named after them). The Church’s goal was the convert pagans by assimilating pagan holidays that happened around October 31st. You could read more about the symbols, traditions & history of Halloween in my post “30 Things You May Want to Know About Halloween.”

The modern day Halloween has evolved, nowadays it is a very commercialized holiday, as most holidays are these days. Candy companies, pumpkin patches and costume manufacturers do really well at this time of year. Families make memories. Kids have fun. Some teens and adults behave very badly. Halloween, like most things have some positives and some negatives. For me personally, I’d say mostly negative, because the main focuses are on the darker things in life, even evil things.

For Christians, it is a big question as to what to participate in, how far to go and where to compromise.

I wouldn’t say our young family has quite found the answers to these questions with great certainty, as to how we will traditionally make memories and have fun for this holiday, or if we will at all. I can tell you a few things I know we are never going to do, unless my husband and I just get a total core beliefs makeover.

We are never going to put up gruesome or spooky Halloween decorations. Our decorations would glorify God in some way, celebrate the beauty of Fall and God’s wonderful creations. We can do non-scary carved pumpkins, because they are beautiful with the lights in the them,  and I think smiley face scarecrows are lovely. Other really nice Fall related decor that celebrate God’s wonderful resources like owls, bats, spiders, cats (highlighted in a non-scary fashion) hay, corn, etc. Our Fall decor would be more artistic, less scary. That’s how we roll!

My brother and his wife (newly married couple) will be spending the weekend with us and hopefully we will be carving a few pumpkins to light up our front yard. This Halloween our kids will be allowed to hand out candy, but they are definitely not going trick or treating. We’ll see how our first Halloween in our new neighborhood goes, as for as Halloweens to come, we’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ve rambled on enough. I hope your day is blessed whatever you do, and if you are enjoying Halloween in someway may it be a blessed and safe one, and may you and your family be a light in the darkness.

Happy and Safe Halloween!

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Hallmark this weekend


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! At least on Hallmark Channel.

Today (Saturday-October 31st), there will be no Halloween or Fall theme movies or specials on Hallmark Channel. This network is getting ready to countdown to Christmas. All day long Christmas movies for the Christmas movie lovers. Movies like “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” ” Hitched for the Holidays,” etc, etc.

Then Tomorrow (Sunday, November 1st) more Christmas movies all day long, then the premiere of Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas first original 2015 christmas movie  ” Tis the Season For Love,” starring Sarah Lancaster ( a Hallmark movie veteran). I’ll be watching, that’s for sure.

 Last Saturday, October 24th, 9p.m/8c Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest came to an end with the premiere of “Good Witch Halloween”, starring the beautiful and elegant Catherine Bell. This was a sneak peek of the second season of the Good Witch t.v series, which is going to start up in February. It had it’s usual good witch charm and was fun to watch.

Next Saturday will be the premiere of  “Ice Sculpture Christmas,” starring Rachel Boston (Christmas Crush/ Holiday High School Reunion fame) November 7th 8/7 c.

What more can a Hallmark T.V /Christmas lover ask for.

Hope You Tune in!

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  1. Ana (@ANAWINSblog) October 30, 2015 at 12:46 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the feature and hosting!

  2. Michelle October 30, 2015 at 8:37 pm - Reply

    Hallmark Christmas movies are a favorite here with my daughter and I. They get me in the spirit for sure. Our family does not celebrate Halloween due to our Christian beliefs and the fact I just don’t like it. We’ve done okay with it. So here’s to wishing you and your family a lovely weekend filled with blessings from God and everything that brings you smiles. Thanking you for another wonderful week.

  3. Lisa October 31, 2015 at 7:27 am - Reply

    Thanks for hosting and your thoughtful reflections. I’m so happy to find a fellow Hallmark lover. Boyfriend for Christmas is on this weekend!

  4. Mary Flaherty October 31, 2015 at 9:20 am - Reply

    oh my gosh, I LOVE Hallmark movies. Thank you for reminding me. I really don’t watch TV (except for The Voice), so it’s not something I even think about at night (and I work all day).

    Congratulations to you for sticking to your beliefs about Halloween. Tomorrow, it will all be forgotten anyway!

  5. Cheryl @The Long Way to Go October 31, 2015 at 10:37 am - Reply

    Thanks for this great link up. I enjoy coming here and hanging out on Saturday mornings. :)

  6. Tai East October 31, 2015 at 11:21 pm - Reply

    Thanks so much for hosting, Latisha! As always, it’s great to visit and link-up with you! GOD bless you! :-)

  7. Joyce @ Live Laugh Love Post November 1, 2015 at 7:24 pm - Reply

    Awesome! Thank you for hosting Saturdays Blog Hop!

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