TGI Saturdays # 42- How I Spent my Halloween Weekend and more!

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TGI Saturdays # 42- How I Spent my Halloween Weekend and more!

Hello Friends2

Happy Saturday (or whatever today is) and blessings to you! I hope this week treated you well and you overcame what challenges came your way, with God’s great big help of course. Thanks for dropping by today. I’m always happy when you come over for a visit, especially on my favorite day of the week- Saturday.

How was your (Halloween) weekend last week? Mine was very blessed. I’ve shared a bit on my thoughts about this holiday with you guys the last two TGI Saturdays- #40 and #41. Truth be told, I’ve had Halloween on my thoughts for the last three months, since we were told by our neighbor that we’ve moved into “Halloween Trick or Treat” central. My husband and I, who are not Halloween people (there is alot about Halloween, we simple do not stand for) had to decide how are we going to approach this holiday for the first time in our lives. I prayed about it and asked for my Father’s guidance in this matter.

So here is what we did for Halloween

We did decorate, but more Fall themed with white lights, lighted non-spooky carved pumpkins, happycrows (scarecrows with smiley face), other Fall decor and giant spiderwebs (in honor of God’s wonderful creation-Spiders). No blood, no gore, no severed heads and body parts, spooky skeletons, grave stones, nothing like that. My neighbors (not the ones who actually talk to us) had them all. Their house embodied true Halloween, they even had games for trick or treaters to play and much more. I was very proud of our decorations-I believe we added light in the darkness of Halloween and represented who we where as a Christian family.

My kids got to wear costumes- I think dressing up in costume is fun and I wouldn’t deny them that experience. My daughter was a beautiful sunshine butterfly fairy and my son was Super Boy. This made them incredibly happy. Would love for you to check out these costumes and other adventures in my “Sunday Show ‘n’ Tell- September and October Blessings” post.

My children did not go trick or treating, but they got to hand-out candy, mostly my daughter. That in itself was a blessing to watch.

My husband, brother, sister-in-love and I sat in the patio and watched our kids connect with others. Earlier that evening we ate pizza and carved our really cool pumpkins. We even connected a little bit more with our neighbor, who bought over candy bag treats for all four of our kids, because he knew they wouldn’t be trick or treating.

So that’s how we spent our first Halloween, not with our lights out but with them on and shining bright. Not by shutting out our community, but being open to others. I’m proud of what we did. So that’s this year, we’ll see what happens next Halloween.

Then, on Sunday we celebrated my first born son’s 6th birthday (which was officially Monday November 2nd) with candles and cake.

Our family weekend was filled with joy, happy memories and God’s love and blessings.

Blessings to you.

With love,

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blessings list

So here we are in the month of November. Even though technically we are thankful for our blessings everyday, in the month of November in the (U.S.A)  we focus on that thankfulness a little deeper, and celebrate it on one particular day. We share that time with the people God has given to us as a gift and that we are thankful for, we share a meal we are thankful for in our homes which we are also very thankful for. Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday of the year, it pretty much embodies the same principles of Christmas, minus the hustle and bustle. So in honor of this month of thankfulness, I’d like to introduce my new weekly blog series –“The Blessings List.” I’d love for you to drop by and read what I am thankful for this week and beyond that. Click here to read.

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The Blessing List-What I am Thankful For (Nov 1st-7th)

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Hallmark Christmas Movies 2015 Weekly -Week One


Hallmark this weekend

Hallmark Christmas Nov 7-8 Collage

Did you happened to catch some Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel last week? What did you watch?

Did you watch the premiere of  ” Tis the Season For Love,” starring Sarah Lancaster, Sunday, November 1st. What did you think? Well I watched and I posted my thoughts in my “Hallmark Christmas Movies 2015 Weekly” post. Check it out, there are lots of goodies for Hallmark movie lovers to enjoy.

This weekend, Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas will be premiering “Ice Sculpture Christmas,” starring Rachel Boston (Christmas Crush/ Holiday High School Reunion fame) Saturday, November 7th 8/7 c. Then “Charming Christmas” starring Julie Benz and David Sutcliffe on Sunday, November 8th 8/7 c.

Next weekend, will be the premieres of “I’m Not Ready For Christmas” (starring Alicia Witt) and “Christmas Incorporated”.

Plus lots of Christmas movie favorites all week long.

What more can a Hallmark T.V /Christmas lover ask for.

Hope You Tune in!

favorites blog post


Nov 7th Collage

I found these blog posts online this week via Pinterest and link-ups. I found these post to be very interesting finds for the start of the month of November. They feature fun tidbits about the month of November, great ideas on how to celebrate each day of this month and a very thought provoking perspective on trees and their falling leaves. Great reads! Check them out if you can.

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 most clicked post



The Marriage Trick That Could Save Your Marriage by Anatasia Safee from

Host's Favorites

Nov 7th favs Collage

The post “Thankfulness: 5 Ways to Keep a Thankful Spirit in Your Home” by Daniellle from My Snippets of Inspiration, really give you reminder of what it truly means to be thankful.

Fun and Simple Gifts Children Can Make”– from Thaleia at Something 2 Offer,  really truly say it all, this post is filled with great fun and simple Christmas gift making idea for kids.

Thanks ladies for sharing at TGI Saturdays.

party favors

Please feel free to enjoy these free printables, in celebration of this new Fall season. An Autumn Blessings Wordsearch, a printout of an original poem written by myself (Latisha) and if you still haven’t written down your Autumn season hopes as yet, enjoy my Autumn Wishlist printout. New for the month of November are a November Blessings wordsearch and The Blessing List printable, where you can take stock of the many wonderful blessings you are thankful for.

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  1. Ana (@ANAWINSblog) November 6, 2015 at 2:59 pm - Reply

    Thank you for the link up!

  2. Thaleia from Something2Offer November 6, 2015 at 4:42 pm - Reply

    Thanks so much for featuring my Simple Christmas Gifts Kids can make post.

  3. Michelle November 6, 2015 at 10:58 pm - Reply

    A lovely party tonight. The feature on the marriage trick, right on! My daughter and I did watch the start of the Hallmark movies. I enjoyed last week’s Tis The Season For Love.

  4. Christy November 6, 2015 at 11:49 pm - Reply

    It’s so nice to hear how you and your family approached Halloween. I feel like I’m the only one who would rather pretend it didn’t even exist. I was very thankful for my church’s harvest festival that we got to attend this year to give us a great alternative. A couple of years ago I put together a little harvest carnival in our front yard to get to know our neighbors while giving my kids something fun to do on Halloween – it was definitely a redemption of the holiday. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  5. Tai East November 7, 2015 at 2:54 am - Reply

    Thanks so much for hosting, Latisha! GOD bless you! :-)

  6. Sharon November 7, 2015 at 11:20 am - Reply

    I think the way you celebrated Halloween was wonderful. You found the perfect balance between letting the kids have some fun and doing what felt right to you. Sounds like there was a nice chance to connect with your neighbor, too!

    We live in a small mountain town, so we had a parade! It was great fun, and my husband and I dressed up and walked down Main Street with everyone else! I talked about it in my latest post, where I also did some pondering about wearing *masks* in real life!


  7. Catherine November 7, 2015 at 4:53 pm - Reply

    Thanks so much for hosting this link-up! I found a bunch of cute ideas to add to my list of activities for my kiddos. I love how you approached Halloween. Great job sticking to your values and opening your doors. Sounds like you have some great neighbors, if they are bringing your kiddos candy just because they thought of them, how sweet. Can’t wait till next Saturday! :)

  8. Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro November 8, 2015 at 7:53 pm - Reply

    Happy Birthday to your son!!! Ron

  9. Melanie Redd November 11, 2015 at 8:23 am - Reply

    Hey Latisha,

    I found your post on Wise Woman today, and I’m glad to find your site.

    I didn’t know you had a Saturday link up party. I’ll try to stop by for the link up soon!

    And, I hope you have a wonderful day today~

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