Hello Friends once again,

Hope all is well with you guys. All is well with me. Well, so to speak. This was another one of those mornings where I had to make an effort to pull myself up out of the bed. I miss those relaxed, sleep in mornings I used to have years ago, three or four children less. Not that I am complaining. I just wouldn’t mind having a morning like that again once in a while.

This morning I have alot of laundry that needs to be put away and rooms that need to be sorted and tidied. It was just one of those weeks. Where we had alot of interesting things going on. More interesting than the laundry and keeping up with a clean room.

It all started last Sunday, I decided I needed a down day, so we were all (house of 10) going to stay home from Church. On that very day, God led me to find something BIG our family really needed at a ridiculously cheap, unheard of price on Craiglist. A fixer upper, but a great bargain. We would have never found it, had we been at Church that day. It would have been so gone.

That Sunday evening- we carved and painted some awesome Jack-o-Lanterns.


On Monday- We did our version of the Halloween thing-reading family friendly Halloween themed books, baking Monster cookies and later on passing out treats to trick or treaters. Small candy bags, with a short poem I wrote to remind kids that God loves them. My house didn’t really have the usual Halloween dark and creepy decor. It more reflected the bible verse Matthew 5:13-16.

I also saw something in my 3 year old that was just beautiful. He got to wear my older son’s superman costume from last Halloween and he did most of the handing out of candy. I saw a light in him, a spark that made me think that he has the spiritual gift of hospitality. He did such an amazing job and he was so incredibly social I was in awe and amazed, as well as very proud.

Tuesday we ran important errands for our big fixer upper.

Wednesday was my oldest son’s 7th birthday. We made him a nice breakfast and made him a cake. A fabulous cake. Then later took him on a little outing.


Thursday-my husband and I went on an adventure of our own. A 6 hour plus road trip (3 hrs to and 3 hrs back).  We were on a mission for our BIG fixer upper. It was really a fascinating adventure. On our way home, we missed our 1st exit and was rerouted. Then our arrival time calculated as an earlier arrival time. So we thought-happy accident.

We saw farms, the coast and vineyards. We drove for about 2 hours, then to realize that the GPS was taking us to catch a Ferry home. Something we really did not want to do. This is when we learned about the “Avoid Ferries” option on our VPS. So we drove back and took the right turn to take us home. We now had 3hrs and some until we get home. Of course, it took us longer than that because we made two stops for fuel-food, gas, tea, 5 hour energy (we don’t drink coffee), and to use the restroom. I got souvenirs-postcards, magnets and a calendar. Honestly, we were on the road practically all day, but I wouldn’t trade that adventure for the world. I got to see things, I may not have otherwise seen.

Yesterday-I sent my two older kids to Co-op without me and just took the morning off, well in the best way I could. Later, we took our BIG blue fixer upper, who got a few things fixed for a spin to the gas station and supermarket.

Life is just a series of interesting events- big and small adventures, a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. Truly wouldn’t trade it for the world. Have an awesome Saturday.



Peace, Love and Blessings to you.

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