Good morning friends. Thanks for joining me for another week of TGI Saturdays. This is Asklatisha’s 96 blog hop party. Just in case, I have visitors today, who does not know what a blog hop party is, it’s a get together we bloggers have to share links to some of our best or recent blog posts with one another or with anyone reading that blog hop post. TGI Saturdays is the name of the blog hop hosted by AskLatisha, and I’m Latisha. I have hosted every Saturday for 96 weeks so far. Never missed a Saturday and for that I’m so proud.

It is about 4 in the morning for me and I’m working on this post extra early today, because today is my mother’s birthday. She is going to be 56 (shhh) and she is still a knock-out. This will be the first birthday (hers) I will be spending with her in over 10 years. So I plan to make it special.

In about an hour or so, I’ll be working on preparing a special breakfast for her. Later we will take her out to dinner, but I can’t tell you where. She may be reading this post today and it’s a surprise.

My birthday prayer for her is that she find true happiness in her life (long overdue) and for her dreams to come true.

Guess what my week’s been like? Just to let you know. I am one of those extreme Christmas babies. I love the whole Christmas everything. Christmas baking, Christmas shopping, Christmas lights, Christmas movies (yes, I’ve been watching my Hallmark movies), Christmas music, etc, etc.

Friday after Thanksgiving, we did do some casual, take-it-easy black Friday shopping, just for the fun of it. I like the deal we got from Bath and Body works-buy 3 of anything, get 3 of anything free. Would you believe I bought a pair of the softest socks I’ve ever felt for $9. That’s definitely not something I’d do everyday, but I felt my feet where really, really overdue for some love.

Then Saturday, we went to a Christmas tree farm for the first time. We where considering cutting down our tree, but then we saw the most perfect tree on the lot. It was the first tree we laid our eyes on. It looked just right for us in every way and we really didn’t have to look anywhere else. Love it when that happens (it’s rear). We walked around, through the trees on the farm for fun after that.


myhaircutsmileThis week I got my hair cut. Truly I love my do and feel so liberated. My hair has been the source of great distress for me over the last year or two. My husband didn’t want me to cut my hair, but I finally convinced him that it would make me alot happier to take that pressure off in this season. Now he looks at me with a big smile on his face and tells me how cute I am. I love it when a plan comes together :).


Yesterday, I went to our Homeschool Coop. The kids had a costume rehearsal for a Christmas play they’re putting on at our Coop Christmas party next Saturday. They looked so cute in their costumes. My daughter is playing Mary and my son’s a shepherd. I pray this play comes together.


Well Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend. Enjoy your Christmas everything!



Peace, Love and Blessings to you.

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