The Best Christmas Ever

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The Best Christmas Ever

As far as good Christmases go; this Christmas; my Christmas; has to rank up there with the great ones. It was messy, disorganized, behind schedule, emotional, loud and other similar characteristics. Basically it was as imperfect as a Christmas season could be and I have never experienced one quite like this before. However, I am very glad that it went the way it went because I don’t think there are better examples of what Christmas and life is about. Real life is messy, unpredictable and unbalanced; especially when you have a two year old in the midst.
Life is also beautiful and bright; if you only look pass the chaos and open your God-eyes and see its beauty. It really waits there in the midst of the simplest things; waiting for you to bask in its glory. This season; my mind and soul were unrecognizable; I found myself so caught up in the me-me-mes that I had to catch myself and say “no, that’s not life, that’s not Christmas and that is not me, that’s just not the way a Child of God should feel, should react, should speak,” to be honest, even though I knew better, I still continued on the path of me-me-me. It’s disappointing but what can you do, other than move on and try to be better the next day.
This Christmas I have been watching a lot of holiday movies and listening to a lot of holiday music; of all the movies and music in the world; Christmas movies and music are my favorites because they inspire me to aspire to be a better human being. I know that people want a lot of things in this life but what I want more than any other thing is to be an excellent human being; kind, giving, generous, loving, loved (for my inner being), happy, honest, trust-worthy and the list goes on and on; if you want to know what kind of human-being I am talking about, read your bible. I want to be the woman God intended me to be.
These holiday movies also help you to realize how significantly blessed we are; how God takes care of us; I have a home to call my own; a mother-in-law who helps us immensely; family who loves me, a healthy, happy, intelligent little two year old girl, I am alive, talented, divinely protected and watched-over. There are no greater blessings in the world; these aren’t the kind of gifts that can be wrapped and placed under the tree. These are the reasons we celebrate, give praise and thanks during the Christmas season. God sent his son to die for us so we can live; has there ever been a greater gift given in this world.
This Christmas I have experienced the greatest elements of the Christmas spirit. I experienced forgiveness, love, friendship (new and old), togetherness, a child’s happiness, hugs, kisses all wrapped up into God’s love for me. I got to use my talents for his glory (planning a children’s Christmas party with my Church and reading Christmas poems I wrote as a part of our Christmas service at Church), I decorated two beautiful Christmas trees, one twice (the wind blew it down), I home-made about 20 Christmas cards, I wrote my first ever Christmas letter, I wrote a short story called “Forever Friends,” gave great gifts and received the greatest gift of all; a Christmas filled with ups and downs, trials and triumphs and God’s love.
I love Christmas with all my heart and like I said before I have never had a bad Christmas, I never had a perfect Christmas either. Even though I am really sad to say goodbye to another Christmas season, I am ending my 2008 on a good note and I am so ready for the roller-coaster ride that’s 2009. Happy New Year ya’ll.

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