The Child of God vs The Christian

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The Child of God vs The Christian

I believe we are all made to be in the image of God but I also believe we were all designed deliberately to be individuals with the privilege to make our own choices no matter what part of the world or what culture we were born into. These are the things that connect us and divide us.

I believe every one of us is entitled to our own relationship with the Heavenly Father and we can praise him anyway we like. For instance; if we express ourselves better with the movement of our bodies than the words of our mouths, then I say talk to God with dance and if we write easier than we prayer, then who says you can’t write God a letter, who says he won’t read it.

I say I am an individual; made that way on purpose and I have a right to express my individuality to the glory of God; my way. So with that I take all my passions, my personality, my experiences and all the pieces of me into consideration and I praise God because every move I make towards loving myself, loving others and taking excellent care of all God’s gifts to me (e.g my mind, body, spirit, talents, family, finances, food, home, luxuries, etc) is glorifying his Holy Name and expressing your love and gratitude for all he is done for you.

I pray, you the reader of these words, understanding and that none of you are offended by what I am about to say. For me; I want my relationship with God to be limitless and outside the box, I want to live the life of a Child of God but I want so much more. I want to experience and explore.

When I speak about who I am in relation to the Father in Heaven, I refer to myself not as a “Christian” but as a child of God and this is my reason why; for me, the title “Christian” feels like a label, a category and a box and in this box I am unable to breathe because I feel claustrophobic and I am unable to stretch my arms which makes me become very anxious; and with this label, in this category I am expected to be a certain way, dress a certain way, praise a certain way and I just don’t think that is how my bond with my DAD (God) is meant to be.

Dear reader, I would like you to understand that I know that is not necessarily how it really is for all who are called “Christian” and I completely respect and hope that I am apart of the Christian community because I am what they represent and I live according to the teaching of the Bible. So don’t think I am changing or breaking any of the rules; I am just following them my own way.

I am an artist, life is my passion and structure is my enemy, I need to be free like the wild animals of the earth and the birds of the sky. That is the kind of life God breathed into me and this is the way I choose to relate to him, without labels, without categories, without limitations, without expectations and a relationship free to grow as it wishes to grow.

Here are two slightly funny videos from that kind of reflects were I am coming from:

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