The Secret Life of the American Teenager Episode 4-Caught

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The Secret Life of the American Teenager Episode 4-Caught

I am so impressed with this show; I honestly think teens and their parents should watch it together or teens should have weekly t.v parties, get together, eat popcorn and watch this show. I have never watched a teen drama that has been a truer representation of all walks of teenage life and issues in the adolescent community. Even me, who still remains stuck in a teenager’s way of thinking sometimes, can relate to these characters and see the reflection of people I know in some of them. This is REAL and this is REAL LIFE.

I think this show is cleverly written and there are a lot of positive lessons to be taught between the smart dialogue and diverse characters. As a teenager, I would have loved to have a program like this with a holistic view of the many types of people involved in my day to day living, to help me to understand there is a BIGGER PICTURE and in life what you see, isn’t always what it is. Each person has a story and that behind-the-scenes story that we never get to see, could explain why they are the way they are and why they do the things they do.
“T.S.L.o.t.A.T” has let me down; I love how with each episode the story grows and you learn a lot more about each character and why they are who they are. I love the characters and feel something for them, even the so-called bad ones and every week I am very excited to see how the story will unfold.

Episode four of this series, which premiered Tuesday, 22nd July was really attention-grabbing and it started out with a bang. I am so proud of my ninja cheerleader, who as she found herself in a real frightful situation, did not give in and let whatever was to happen-happen, but she put up a fight. After that ordeal, she still stood up and said she was wrong; she put herself in that situation by sneaking around behind her parents back to see a guy they forbade her to see. I admired the amount of maturity and responsibility shown by this character and I was really impressed by what she said in an interview with a reporter.

Another piece of dialogue that I thought was absolutely excellent, real and thought-provoking came from the mouth of Ricky’s social worker at the almost end of the show, when she was trying to prevent him from going to church for the wrong reasons.

Other really interesting scenes for me in this particular episode was when Adrian became jealous when she saw Ricky talking to Grace and she walked right over to the two of them, took off Ricky’s shirt which he left at her house the night before and says “This is his shirt, that’s where he left it last night” then she walks off with her really sexy-self in a cute pink laced bra. I also found the scene when Amy’s parents were trying to figure out why their younger and more rebellious daughter Ashley suddenly started dressing like a nun, it was somewhat funny to watch.

I think this show is awesome for teens, youth group leaders, parents of teens, pre-teens, the young/teen at heart (me) and anyone else who loves a good story. It’s not just about a teenage geek who managed to get pregnant by less than a minute of really bad sex but it’s about Teen Life, as well as adulthood and I am so glad to here that this show will be coming back for a second season, yeah.




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