The Secret Life- Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!

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The Secret Life- Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!

Since its debut on Abc Family; summer 2008; I have loved this show; I think it tries to kind of send a message and teach valuable lessons in the midst of its real life circumstances and teenage characters at least in Season One; I would confidently let my teenage daughter (if I had one) watch this show and then sit and have a heartfelt conversation with her; discussing many of life’s issues; most importantly; sex and the choices we make at that tender teen age.

My relationship with “The Secret Life,” hasn’t been perfect, I have been disappointed by some of the paths, the writers has chosen to take; like when the character Alice had sex with her boyfriend Henry, so easily, after a couple of episodes earlier sounding so assured that she wasn’t going to have sex with him anytime soon. I could be wrong, but I really thought based on the things she said and how self-assured she sounded that she was waiting until marriage or at least a more special occasion. It felt like a last minute switch to me; like Brenda Hampton; changed her mind about this character just the night before; I hated the new Alice. I still do.

If you don’t want to know what’s up; if you want to be surprised when Season Two premieres on Monday, 22nd June; STOP READING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE SPOILERS; I don’t mind them at all; I like to know what to expect to give me time to mentally prepare. I get so emotionally wrapped into some of these t.v shows, that’s why I am sometimes heartbroken, when shows I really liked are canceled and that happens often.

Anyway, from bits and pieces I have gathered here or there; sneak peeks, etc.  The character Anne (Amy’s mom) is pregnant, by whom, I don’t know. This one pisses me off; the teenage christian Grace and last virgin standing (main characters) will join the ranks of her friends/acquaintances and give away her precious jewel to boyfriend Jack; that really sucks. Where is Brenda (Hampton) taking us and are there lessons to be learnt; teenagers and their parents/guardians to be reached or have we crossed over to join the likes of other teenybopper programming like Gossip Girl, 90210, etc. Where it is all about the sex and scandals; designed strictly for entertainment, guilty pleasures and the show’s survival in this tough, tough t.v world. I hope not, I really think she had something and the practically unreachable could finally be reached; teenagers.

Here is another scary spoiler for you; I think Grace’s father is going to die; what is it with John Schneider and these types of roles; playing the dying pappa again (Smallville) and he is never an abusive, mean, angry Dad, you just hate and wish for his demise, he is always one of the good ones, gone to soon; that is going to set an atmosphere of sadness and mourning for a while; bummer.

So why do I think he is going to die, here it is; I was looking through my DVR recording schedule at some of my upcoming recordings and reading the previews; the preview for “The Secret Life,” Episode Two, Season Two, entitled “What’s Done is Done;” reads; “Grace believes her actions are responsible for her father’s death.” Whoa.

So let’s watch and see where this unfolding t.v journey takes us; will we get to see John (Amy’s son) grow up; as well as the growth of these teenage characters into adulthood; will we see them go to college and establish careers; personality changes and graduations, even weddings; will it be another hit like 7th Heaven; will this show last even half as long and if it does; will all or  many of these original characters journey with it; and one more question; who will pass in and out of this show; so far; we’ve had Lil’ JJ (Just Jordan), Bianca Lawson, Constance Marie (George Lopez); as well as; Gymnast, Olympic Gold Medalist and Dancing with the Stars, Season Eight Champion; Shawn Johnson.

Speaking of Gymnastics; also premiering June 22nd on ABC Family is a new show about the world of Gymnastics; “Make it or Break it” hope it’s good, it gives a feel a lot like the movie “Stick It,” I liked that movie; I hope this new tv series will be a good one. See you Monday. Oh and have a great weekend. Luv Yah.


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  1. Payson July 9, 2009 at 5:26 pm - Reply

    The name of the Show is Make it Or Break It not Break it or Make It. My name is Payson and that is a really rare name but there is a character in the show with the same name!! This has NEVER happened to me before!

  2. Latisha July 10, 2009 at 9:28 am - Reply

    Thanks for the correction; I didn’t even notice I made that mistake. I watched the first two episodes of the show and I loved it. Did you? Payson is an awesome name. She is a really motivated, determined and a kind of intense character. What are you like? Hope to hear you again soon, have an awesome summer.

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