These Words by Natasha Bedingfield

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These Words by Natasha Bedingfield

This is a song that speaks to my own heart; I can completely relate to “These Words” because as a young writer I am often trying to write a poem, a book, an article, an anything that would stand the test of time. I dream of writing extraordinary and legendary words that millions would know and love but I feel as though the bar is set too high. So there is this blank notebook staring at me waiting for me to write these powerful words on it and I am just waiting for these words to come.





I still haven’t found the perfect poem that’s gonna set it off yet,
the older I get my technique keeps changing
One minute I’m writing about red roses and how sweet it is
Next thing I’m wishing for rain, going in sane threatening to slit my wrist
People listen as my poem keeps unfolding,
listening intently waiting for my poem to end, it has to have an ending,
everything does
But I haven’t got a clue as to when
So I just keep writing cause
My words don’t stop coming and my ink never runs out
And I always always have something new to write about
Life’s just like that

I still haven’t found the perfect song to escape my tongue
Nor the perfect dance to that perfect song
I am still paint strokes
Upon the canvas
For my life’s a work of art
Still being sculpted into a masterpiece
How many days till its completion?
I do not know
For my life’s the perfect poem still
Under construction

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