TransitionbannerAt the beginning of the new year. I heard a lot bloggers talking about their one word for the year. Instead of making a whole bunch of resolutions, they would just pick this one word and try to live up to it.

For me, I love making resolutions at the new year, but I don’t call them resolutions, I call them goals. I usually try not to make unattainable goals, but little-big goals that would help me to transition to a new season (new year) and to grow as a person.

Usually, I could at least have 10 goals for the new year, but this year it feels like I am in a season of limbo and all I can do is wait on God to see where He takes our family. This year it seemed impossible to make plans but to take it moment by moment, and try to enjoy where we are.

I did make my goals list anyway, and here are what they were: Latisha’s 2015 Goals. I am not doing too bad in pursuing these goals.

However, if I had to pick one word to describe this year for me, it would be Transitions. I am transitioning into a new season of my life and waiting on God to bring about change.