Tyler Perry’s House of Payne

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Tyler Perry’s House of Payne

When I first heard that Tyler Perry’s House of Payne was coming to TBS and that I would finally be able to watch it; I was ecstatic for me, Tyler and the t.v viewing world.

This was a time when television shows endorsing Christian values were virtually non-existent, shows like Touched by an Angel, Promised Land and 7th Heaven were either off air or in rerun mode. No one was talking about God anymore except on Christian and Religious networks.

Then here he comes, my man Tyler, who speaks boldly of God in everything he puts out there. Who mentioned in an e-mail to his fans; that he had an opportunity to write a sitcom before but the network wanted him to change many things and not talk about Jesus and he refused; because if he couldn’t talk about his Jesus then he wanted nothing to do with it.

Then finally the opportunity came for him to do it his way/God’s way and that was the beginning of the show I would come to love House of Payne, I have seen every single episode and in a couple of weeks the show will officially broadcast it’s 100th episode. Awesome!

To be honest; even though I really do love the show; I had different expectations of it; it has tackled some serious issues and is very-very funny at times. However; where is Jesus? Where is the Christian representation? I think it is a bit more subtle and out-shined than I would have like. To me, it kind of feels as though the body is operating but the heart is missing and it’s an empty shell.

I really expected a show I would learn from and laugh with, one that would inspire and encourage and we would be touched by God through Tyler’s words; but it only feel slightly a cut above any other sitcom out there and I hoped it would have stood further apart from the rest.

It’s very entertaining and it has very funny Characters, especially Curtis Payne; but through my God-spectacles it has failed me.

However, I am still a huge fan of the show and Tyler’s work and wherever he goes I’ll follow (as long as God’s still in the picture); if he wrote it, I’ll read it; if he records it, I’ll listen; if he directs it, I’ll watch; if he is on the cover or in the magazine, I’ll buy it. It’s as simple as that. As long as House of Payne is on the air, I’ll be watching.

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