Good Morning Dear Friends,

How are you this fine Saturday morning? I hope all is well and your week was blessed. Mine was blessed as always. God took care of our needs and even sent a few unexpected blessings our way. Don’t get me wrong there were challenges there as well, but I am choosing to dwell on God’s goodness.

This week I went with my mother and sister to a “Guest Reception” at my church, where anyone new to our church eat with the Pastor and his wife, and other leaders of the church, and discuss what this church is all about, as well as get to know each other a little bit. I think it is awesome that they do something like that. I have been going to this Church for about two months now. I really love the Church God has sent our family to this time around. Tomorrow, I will be working in the Church nursery for a second time.

This week my confidence and faith took a little dip. I felt like Peter, who interestingly enough we studied a little bit during devotions on Thursday.

He got out of the boat full of courage and enthusiasm as he walk toward Jesus. Keeping his eyes on Him, he was doing it, he was really walking on water. Then suddenly, he stopped looking at Jesus, and he became overwhelmed by what was going on around him. He thought to himself, what’s going on here, I can’t walk on water, I’m only a man. Then he started to drown.

We have five kids, lots of mouths to feed, diapers to buy (3 in diapers), a family business to run, and we homeschool our kids, plus we added even more responsibilities to our list of responsibilities as of late. It all started, when God brought us to this church.

I took my eyes off of Jesus, and started looking at my situation. Then I started my what if thinking. What if we can’t. What if I can’t really move mountains or walk on water.  What if I can’t feed them, clothe them, teach them, take care of them. What if we fail, our business fails, the good we are trying to do for others fail. What if I never get healthier, stronger, wiser. What if my writing never gets better. What if I can’t hack it as a mother and wife, as a P31 woman. What if.

This week I started to drown (in my mind).

Yesterday, at Homeschool Coop I had the opportunity to speak with another homeschool mom. And I shared my illustration with her. That I felt like Peter in that moment. And she then asked me, “but what did Jesus do when Peter started to drown?”

I said, “He held His hand out to him and pulled him up, He did not let Peter drown.”

That was a great reminder. He didn’t let Peter drown.

I started to drown not because the situation changed, Jesus did not move or look away from me, the sea did not stop being the sea. It was me that looked away from Jesus and focused on what seemed like reality to me.

I am reminded once again this week, to keep my eyes focused on Jesus and take it one step at a time and I can walk on water too.

“Peter do you love me,”

“Yes,  Lord”

“Then feed my sheep.”



Peace, Love and Blessings to you.

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