What is Christmas Magic?

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What is Christmas Magic?

Hello everyone. How are you doing today? Me, I’m putting one foot in front of the other.

I’m doing okay considering all that I’ve just been through; if you’re not sure what I’m talking about see previous post.


In this post, I would like to talk little bit about my Christmas holiday. How was yours? Mine was quite unexpectedly nice. I didn’t think it was possible to have such a nice Christmas holiday after losing my son only a month before (five days before Thanksgiving).


Before my son died, and after having four months of an emotional roller-coaster, all I wanted for Christmas was a big Christmas miracle (for my son to be healed) and a new beginning. Things didn’t turn out quite as I hoped. I never thought that God would allow me to experience such a loss so close to the most wonderful time of the year, but through this experience I have learnt so much. For example, I am much stronger than I know.


As I tried to pick up the pieces and make the holidays magical for my children, we did all the wonderful Christmas things, like decorate the tree and house, listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies and specials.


Even though I wasn’t sure if I was quite up to doing the whole Christmas gathering thing, we invited a special family who had been a great support throughout our whole stormy season to have Christmas dinner with us, our treat.


I got a little worried when two days before Christmas, we were still flat broke, but God sent just in the nick of time. The Friday before Christmas, we had no choice but to do last minute shopping for the kids at Walgreens, and even though the things we bought were a lot cheaper than I was initially planning to spend on my kids (to my husband’s pleasure), we did all right, with exception of two flops. I guess everything happened the way it was supposed to.


By God’s grace, the Saturday morning we received another set of money which enabled us to go grocery shopping for Christmas dinner the next day.


Our Christmas day was wonderful. The children enjoyed the gifts that awaited them under the Christmas tree Christmas morning. Christmas dinner was also wonderful and we were definitely in good company.


Even though my husband and I were unable to exchange presents due to lack of enough funds, our Christmas was very special. Seeing the joy in our children’s hearts and being surrounded by so much love of friendship and family, to me is what Christmas magic is all about.


God has blessed us with very good friends this year, who have shown themselves to understand what true friendship is about, not only have they given to us via something physical, we could hold and use, but they’ve also given of their time, support, encouragement and their love. Again, that is what Christmas magic is about.


So even though this year I experienced loss, I have also gained. I’ve come to understand that life can be hard and challenging, but also magical.

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