What you Watching Tonight?

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What you Watching Tonight?

Tonight I am watching the Season Finale of Nikita. Looks like it’ll be awesome. I’m anxious to see them pick up from where they left off last week. Last episode it looked like Alex shot Nikita. Do you think it was staged or do you think she’s angry at Nikita for being the one who actually pulled the trigger and killed her father?

Do you think Nikita and Alex had a contingency plan for something like this? I know one thing is for sure; tonight’s finale will reveal a lot of surprises and answer some questions. I also heard one of the principal characters is going to die tonight. Who, who? Are you a Nikita fan? Will you watch?

Tonight i’m also watching The Mentalist and maybe Vampire Diaries.

In other t.v news, looks like there is a possibility NBC’s Chuck might get a Season Five afterall. Read article. Keep your fingers cross, Chuck fans! We’ll know soon enough.

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