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What’s Up, Ya’ll


Just dropping you a line; because I love you; those who take the time to read my post; I love writing post and hope to make this a very successful blog in the future; with the help of my wonderful husband who comes up with new ways all the time to make this site cooler and better.

So guess what I did last Saturday? Nope; that’s not it. Yes; I finally got to visit my first theme park in America. I went to Six Flags with my youth group and family; and this adventure has help me to reaffirm two things; I hate being out in hot blazing sun (yup, it was scorching hot and we had no sun block) and I am really, really afraid of heights. That said; I still had a good time though.

I didn’t go on many rides; being pregnant was a great excuse; but the truth is even if I wasn’t pregnant it would have probably gone down almost the same way; I went on a Carousel with my daughter, husband and sister; I sat in a chair (which was really cool); my husband stood next to my daughter and held her while she sat on a horse and my sister sat on a horse.

I also went on what is suppose to be a mild ride; but for me was very scary; it was called “New England Skyway;” my husband, daughter and I got into this cable car and very slowly glided high above a very small part of the park; I had my eyes closed 98 % of the time. The thing is; I could’ve gotten out it; because pregnant women aren’t really suppose to go on this very mild, non-threatening ride but after waiting so long in the scorching hot sun just to get to the top of the line; then to find out I can’t go on; I don’t think so; I rather face a fear than face that sun again. So I did and I survived. Next challenge!

That was the last of the rides for me; my sister got to go on three exciting (for her) rides; she went on rides called “Blizzard River;” “Pandemonium,” and “Tomahawk;” my husband, daughter and I found a nice cool water fountain in the “Looney Toon Movie Town” section of the park; which had rides catering to children my daughter’s age and height; she kept cool at the water fountain for about an hour and I kept cool sitting in a shaded area watching her have fun; it made me very happy that she was happy.

Then after she dried up and got dress; she went on a ride  located next to restaurant; called “Marvin the Martian’s Earthbound Journey.” While I gagged at the first taste of the “Jumbo” hot dog I ordered (I hated the theme park food I came into contact with); she alone got into what looked like a small spacecraft that took her about a few feet over the ground; and she got to fly around in a circle for a while; she wasn’t a chicken like her mother (thankfully); she loved it and went on for a second time before we headed out of the park; my sister very easily won two stuffed animals before leaving; she kept one as a souvenir of her adventure and gave one to my daughter. It was a hot and exhausting great day. I am thankful for the experience and hope to do it again next summer; less pregnant.

The next day; I went to church tanned; and participated in an insulation of Church officers ceremony; imagine that; I am a church officer. I am very proud.

This week has been a combination of preparing for my mom’s visit; shopping (for mostly necessities); meetings; doctor’s appointments and preparing for youth group (we have a meeting this evening). Didn’t get to or feel to watch very much t.v this week; comes with the grown-up territory.  These things passed the time nicely; leading up to when my mom and other little sister Tatyanna will begin their five week visit tomorrow night or should I say extremely early Sunday morning; just after midnight. I am looking forward to my time with them; August is going to be a fun but very exhausting month. I pray the Lord gives me the strength and stamina this month will require of me. Talk to you again soon. Have a great weekend.

Love Tisha.

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