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Yesterday and beyond………

What’s up? How are you? I’m alright, just here trying to understand life and adulthood, maybe I make it more complicated than it really is or maybe it is more complicated than I can even imagine, but for right now, I am twenty-six years old and I know I got a lot more to understand, a whole lot more growing to do and a whole lot more experiences, good or bad, to be had. Pray for my journey, as I yours.

            Anyway, yesterday I took my sister downtown to the cinema and park, my favorite places to go to (the cinema and park). It was her first time on a train and she really had a great time, I was happy that I was able to do that, even though at times it was a little exhausting for me because I am unfit and pregnant. I promised God if he helps me through this pregnancy, I’ll do better with my life and health in the New Year. That’s not to say, I wouldn’t try to do what I can right now, but seeing as I am pregnant, there is only so much I can do.

            The cinema was expensive; I haven’t been there in so long but damn; last time I watched a 3D movie, I paid $8.00 to see it; this time around it was $12.00 each, I left home with $50.00; and ended up spending $24.00 to see the movie UP in 3D, which was awesome, mind you, and about $14.00 at the concession stand for a bottled water, medium drink and a large popcorn. It barely left me with enough money to buy lunch; we split a $5.00 foot long (a Sub) at Subway. I introduced her to the way I eat my Subway; Honey Oat bread, ham, American cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, pickle, jalapeños, olives, honey mustard, etc. It’s yummy; she told me she liked it even though she doesn’t like vegetables. Anyway, I didn’t say all that to sound like I am complaining; I was really glad to go to the movies with my sis, who I haven’t seen in almost two years, but it disappoints me how expensive things have gotten, the solution to the recession; raise prices, lay-off employees and raise taxes. Yeah, that’ll work. I pray God helps us all through this because life isn’t worth living, if you can’t have fun. I for one love going to the movies and missed it very much and I really wish it wasn’t such an expensive treat.

            poster1Speaking of movies; I know one I would really like to see September 25th; it’s a dance/musical movie and a sort of remake; yup; you guessed it; FAME; right up my alley. So if God spares my life and blesses my finances that I can afford it; I’ll be taking my big pregnant (by then, I’ll be about 9 mposter2onths along) belly to the cinema Sep 25th. To bad my mom will be gone by then and we can’t go together. I’d love that, if we could. I wonder if she’d like to see it too. Anyway, until I blog again, have a blessed day, pray for me and I’ll pray for you.





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