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Young People Represent

I got to tell you; back in the day; I can’t believe I am old enough to say that, sigh; anyway, back in the day; I really was anxious about getting older; finishing school; earning my own income; getting married; having children; being a successful whatever I become; now I just want to go back there; slap that girl in her face and say slow down; take it a step at a time; live your life. Be a TEEN.
Now I am no longer a teen; I am a woman but my mind is yet to catch up with my no longer skinny adolescent body. I still feel like a teen but I have responsibilities like a mother, wife and a woman. I have to grow up or at the very least find a middle ground. I have to embrace who I am now and work towards being the chick I want to be. Anyway, this post wasn’t really meant to talk about all that per say but I wanted to talk about the young people/celebs I really am a very big fan of out there; their music, their talents, their looks and the way they represent youth and that generation.

I am half-way a fan of Rihanna; for these reasons; she represents beauty and confidence; I don’t know who she is as a person but I do know these things; she is an intelligent, beautiful, talented, confident, hard-working, driven, level-headed young woman and these are fantastic traits to have; considering the country she comes from. Barbados, the island I was born in. I know what it’s like to live there with dreams bigger than the island itself and I know how the people there would do all they could to hinder your success and discourage you from going after your dreams. They can be harsh non-believers in that country and the fact that she made it this far, despite where she’s from and act like she deserves to be there; says a lot of her strength and the people who raised her to believe in herself. I also love most of her music; my favorites are Umbrella, Disturbia and Take a Bow; I also love those videos.

Rihanna/T.I Performance MTV Video Music Awards

I am a humongous fan of Jordin Sparks; both as a person and an artist. I know she is a product of really, really good parenting. The kind of parenting I am aiming for with my own children. Her parents have talked to her and raised her really well and because of that she is really intelligent, grounded, confident, along with other positive qualities I want in my own children. She stands up for her ideals and she is a fantastic role model for any young girl to have. When she spoke up against stupidity masquerading as “comedy;” when no one else would; at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards; it further confirmed for me how much I admire who this girl represents.

Hear Jordin Sparks Speak

I am so in awe with two hott young R &B artist of this time; NE-YO and Chris Brown; so cute and so talented. I don’t know who they are as people but they seem like really cool down-to-earth guys. Who loves what they do. I also love what they do. I love to hear them sing, love their music, love their videos, love to watch their interviews, love their movies. My favorites are; the songs; Closer, Because of You (Ne-Yo), Forever, Wall to Wall (Chris Brown) and the movies Stomp the Yard(both) and This Christmas (Chris Brown).


Chris Brown- Forever


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  1. Annie September 30, 2008 at 7:33 am - Reply

    Great that you have grown into the woman you have, because teens today are in a war, and their parents have to be right there with them praying constantly, they always want to grow up to quickly.

  2. Amir Thompson June 5, 2010 at 10:53 pm - Reply

    Awesome track! I love it!

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