I just wanna Dance  

 I pretty much spent my whole life dancing alone
I would shake it, break it, groove it, move it, jazz it, blues it
You name it  

 Once in a while, I’d find myself dancing in a small group
Then sometimes a large one  

 Every now and then it’s just me and another son
They come and go
Some say I move too fast
Others say I move too slow  

 But I still boogie on
I dance to my own beat
Every change of the track led to different moves  

 Sometimes I watch someone else move and
Copy a step or two
But most of the time I create my own moves  

 Sometimes some dance instructor think he earned the right
To tell me how to move  

 Sometimes I follow
Sometimes I lead
Sometimes I’d be applauded
Sometimes I’d fall, bruise and bleed
But I still dance  

 Suddenly, he came to me
Another dancer, a handsome stranger
With his arched eyebrows and gorgeous kissable lips
He held his hand out to me
“Shall we dance?”  

We spoke while we dance
We spoke of beautiful things
Our souls connected
As if just us on the floor  

Then just like that, he let me go
Said I was dancing too fast
He wanted to dance slow
Then he wanted to dance with me no-more  

He left me alone on the floor
But I just could not move anymore
So I look for a corner
And there I went
Stayed a long while
Till a voice He sent  

“Yo, yo Tish, it’s time to get up off your butt and dance again,
cause baby girl, your song still playing,”  

 How many left the floor cause there song is through
They can’t dance but you could
So what are you gonna do?  

 So I danced my way back on the floor
And stepped
When the Deejay played a tune
I thought I couldn’t groove to, I tried to leave the floor again  

He played the music louder, harder
And called my name again  

“Girl, just dance”  

So I tried to learn some new moves to make it through that song,
then I discovered he was playing my song all along  

Poem written by Latisha (Wrote this many years ago when my life was much different to the life I know now)

Copyright@ 2006

All rights reserved